A vast amount has been written on the dehumanizing effects of war. Now Syrian!

August 27, 2013
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The cruise missiles being readied for strikes against targets unspecified in Syria will carry the message of “accountability.” With the use of chemical weapons, it appears that Bashar al-Assad has crossed the threshold of an acceptable number of dead and method of killing and so the U.S. and its allies are ready to launch cruise missiles — armed of course with conventional warheads — to impose some form of accountability on the Syrian regime.
A vast amount has been written on the dehumanizing effects of war — essays, commentary, treatises and works of literature many of which deserve to be required reading in every school and college around the world.
Yet the dehumanizing effect of opposing war is a subject on which I haven’t I’ve read a single word.
But how could opposing war be dehumanizing? Isn’t opposition to war one of the most humanitarian of expressions?
Certainly it should be, yet here is where such opposition frequently deviates away from its humanitarian roots: opposition to war morphs into opposition to war makers.
Once the focus becomes the war makers — the governments, the corporate interests, the political lobbies, the opinion makers and so forth — then it becomes possible to view something like the chemical attacks in Damascus as some kind of manufactured event.
Received on Aug 25, 2013
Warning: viewer discretion is advised, 18+ ONLY. Regime attacks on the Eastern Ghootah region left makeshift hospitals and mosques full of people suffocating and struggling to survive after inhaling and coming into contact with what has now been identified as sarin. Over a thousand people were killed and thousands more injured in the chemical weapons attacks by the Assad regime. Footage filmed August 21, 2013 in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.
I do not think any Western government has any moral standing to say anything about the killing of citizens given its own view on killing its own citizens. I’m appalled by the whole mess and the West’s economic and ideological entanglement and the simpering nonsense feed [sic] to the public by the elite media outlets. I just want to stick my head in the ground and not think or know anything about the snafu that is our Western vision, just now, of international affairs.
As happened in Iraq, intervention by the West risks fragmenting the country further, creating an uncontrollable situation and handing large parts of it to forces it regards as its enemies.
To that extent, there may be more common ground between Washington and Moscow than meets the eye.
The Russians, traumatised by Chechnya, are also mesmerised by the prospect of a radical Islamist takeover in Syria.
That is why some observers believe there is still a measure of understanding between the Russians and Americans, whose foreign ministers decided in May to work together to bring about the political settlement that everybody agrees is the only solution, but which is proving devilishly difficult to get under way.
So it is not out of the question that the huge pressures exerted on all parties by the chemical weapons attacks might just be enough to pop the cork and force movement towards negotiations, with the latest speculation focusing on Geneva in October.
Any such prospect, distant though it may seem, would clearly be set back by Western military action.
US Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement preparing public opinion for a war with Syria recalls his predecessor Colin Powell’s infamous 2003 presentation falsely claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
The allegations concocted to justify a war of aggression against Syria are no less grotesque than the lies used ten years ago to justify the US invasion of Iraq.
Ok, now sheep I will now show how our US government is killing who? So now I ask, who are the real terrorists? The people in their own land, living their lives and unable to stop the natural physics of aging in order to become the legal age considered “terrorist”? Or the country that goes on another country’s soil with the upper advantage, killing anyone under presumptions that would be considered racist, prejudice, or stereotypical in the U.S., and terrorizing an entire population for days, weeks, months, and years on end? Drones=not suitable in U.S hands.
We were in the middle east terrorizing the mesopotamian people and taking their resources LONG BEFORE 9/11 lol. This dates back to when Jimmy Carter was president. Oh, but you sheep, don’t listen to real news or keep track of the world in which you live do you?
You are a fool if you believe children do not die in battle.
The issue is how we fight not do we fight.
If we do not use drones there would be more children who would die in battle not less.
How is that morally better. Missles are the same.

Just hope, the majority of you sheep never have to see what the USA really is, but anyone that knows history I can say read about The Roman Empire. Remember that in school? No, probably not. But, time is short as I have said. Let me warn you that the powers to be, those that are in charge of all you sheep (slaves) the ones you vote to rule you. The one’s that lead you in the direction as to how you live. Enjoy the free government aid, as it will end. Will you be able to fight back. LMFAO- Hell no slaves are shot not to bow and do as told. Being done in all state badge wearing gangs already, going to be worst. Now let’s sit back and watch who we steal from to keep us happy!


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