Becoming a good parent is not an easy job is it?

August 25, 2013- There are good sites but then there are bad sites, but how are they created?
Who decides what is bad or good? GOVERNMENT!


Yes, there will be all sorts of attacks from now on because our Communism Government is fully in control, so now there weeding out the truths next. You know those fighters wanting to take America back for our kids. Well, sorry to say the truths seem to be not coming out to good.
But, as you notice the fight is still on going with all the groups the FBI states is damaged. Then look at all the damage these badge wearers have been hurt. Yes, sir re it’s a real war and not a game people. Pick your side and I suppose you can say the South as risen once again for America!
Hoax or not this face book page has been closed since 2010… Just in case you want more information then go to these sites. Also sign up on a few newsletters exposing hoax’s across the internet world. There are many such sites across the internet world. Even the internet is in the business as the rest of the news world by Television, Radio, Newspapers, Government to send out bad false information then at times those groups are being closed by WHO? Get that gray matter working, as if they can’t shut down the internet then they can restrict it. But, beat is to the idea that anyone using the internet are already registered with a server in every way possible. Remember when you sign up for anything that you want like, Electric, Water, Trash and the Cable, At&t and so on. Where are your gray matter people.
Becoming a Father or Mother was the greatest gift of my life

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