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Teacher Who Asked Students To ’Argue Jews Are Evil’ Suspended
Jews Involved In The London Riots.
YouTube fearful of people awakening_ Analyst-This is why youtube is taking video’s down! Now are you getting the message sheep? Now want to continue hearing the truth? You do know that if the USA Government is able to control print media as well as t.v. & Radio, what is left..Yes, only this Internet. When I am stopped as well as millions of others, then what? Your choice, but time is close!
WMD Used in Syria? Some experts Say Yes! Others Not So Sure…
Homs, Syria – A massive explosion rocked the city of Homs last week sending a huge “mushroom” like cloud into the sky. Early reports claimed it was a rebel attack on a weapons depot, but no some are not so sure. The blast, caught on tape below, shows the carnage that reportedly killed at least 40 people and injured 160 more on August 1st. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed it was a rocket strike on a big weapons depot in the city that caused the carnage but now some experts are challenging the true nature of the blast.
A recent report by Channel 4 news in London claims the blast was actually “nuclear.” It has since been taken down from the internet, however Patriot News Organization has obtained a cached version of the article. In the article, according to Greg Thielmann, an expert on arms control policy, “The fact of the matter is, what we are seeing in both these cases is a tactical nuclear strike, probably by cruise missiles launched from aircrafts near the borders of Syria or right off the coast in the Mediterranean.” It can be found in the sources section below. This has been a hot topic of debate on social media forums. Patriot News organization is actively seeking professional opinion on the blast and will bring you the latest as soon as possible.
Regardless of the cause of the blast, there is no doubt it was planned and was gigantic. Sky News reported earlier that pro-rebel activists were the ones who filmed the blast, and while an official translation isn’t available as of yet, one has to assume in some way shape or form, they knew what was going to take place to film the blast. Despite the destruction in Homs, President Assad still assured his supporters of victory afterwards, saying, ”If we were not sure that we were going to win in Syria, we would not have the ability to resist and the ability to continue fighting for more than two years against the enemy.”
Beirut, Syria – The latest from the war torn country saw violent air strikes today in the Latkia province killing at least 20 people. The city is a stronghold of Assad supporters and it is believed the airstrikes were carried out by forces loyal to him. The Syrian Observatory issued a statement, saying ““The toll in several air strikes on the town of Salma in Jabal Akrad rose to at least 20 people.” They also expect the death toll to rise significantly as the hours pass by, claiming some people were still missing, others too mangled to identify.
In other potentially dangerous news, the fighting came precariously close to the Israeli border on Thursday, just 6 miles from the line. Unsuccessful airstrike on rebels in a small border town called Elhara caused serious concern Israeli military, who reportedly scrambled fighter jets to patrol their borders in case it spilled over into their country.
Finally, the Jerusalem Post is reporting today that President Assad is vigorously denying reports of an attempted assassination attempt on his life Thursday. Rebels claim to have attacked his motorcade. ”The attack rattled the regime, even if Assad was not hit. There were two motorcades, one containing Assad and a decoy. We targeted the correct one,” claimed Firas Al-Bitar, head of a rebel brigade in the area.
With massive explosions, intense close border fighting and attempts on Assad’s life, the Syrian Civil War is only ratcheting up in intensity. Stay with Patriot News organization for the latest!

Obama Admin Plans To ’Force’ Americans To Move Into Cities – Agenda 21

S-300 enables Syria to defend itself against Israel
MSNBC Calls Alex Jones Deeply Racist




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