Fight with Cox as well as family telling untruths as always!

John Lewis
12xxx Scenic Dr.
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
(479) xxx-6256(Cox Number given)
(479) xxx-5147
(530) xxx-2922
Pass code. xxxx
Now, you have everything needed, so I waited 24, 48, 96 hours, and still no phone and you want me to pay on this deal for two years? Came out here five day’s ago. Leave and phone still not working. Told it takes two hours from the installer. get the run around from you chat people if kept track as I have for these past five days since installing. Now calling in as told I did not wait the full 48 hours. How many more BS stories will I get. If not a supervisor or a higher up, then pass this on if your not able to turn the phone on to show up on television as stated five days
ago on MONDAY by over seven people I have spoken, e-mailed and chatted with. Not to mention the phone or line was disconnected and all that sorry BS.
Thank you for choosing Cox Communications. A representative will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with ‘Vladimir’.
Vladimir: Welcome to Cox Online Technical Support. My name is Vladimir and I will gladly help you today.
Vladimir: Hello, I understand you are having difficulties with your Phone service. Am I correct?.
John Lewis: Read what I sent.
By the way, this started at 7:30am and has been on-going since Monday, August 19, 2013, Just to show that I keep busy daily for hours.
Vladimir: There is a tech scheduled for 08/24 from 5-7 pm
John Lewis: Oh now, I am told that there is yet another day and now a tech. will come out. Wow, they can make it if selling a two year contact, but once dump this equipment, play all week and now someone will come out tomorrow. What the hell is this game playing or what?
Vladimir: I do not understand what you mean.
John Lewis: Have you seen I have asked for help since day one when your repair person departed? I called two hours after as asked, I called 24, 48, now it’s Friday and I am told a repairman will come out between 5-7 pm on Saturday. If not a supervisor or even read from the very first day of this complaint then get me a supervisor and pass on all the information as I am fed up with told 24 hours every single day, except for Wednesday when told 48 hours, and now it’s Saturday? Supervisor if can’t help now!
John Lewis: Supervisor!
Vladimir: You want someone dispatched today?

Vladimir: The appointment is already scheduled.
John Lewis: Supervisor!
Vladimir: You want someone dispatched today?
John Lewis: Supervisor!
Vladimir: Allow me a moment please.

Vladimir: I will now transfer you to my supervisor.
You are now chatting with ‘Supervisor Charlie’
John Lewis: Your worker came out Monday, and I called not even 1/2 hour after he left. Now I am told to wait until tomorrow between 5-7 pm? What gives here? Please read from day one when equipment was dumped off here and maybe, just maybe you’ll understand why I am angry at this time.
Supervisor Charlie: Good morning Mr. Lewis. I understand your concern and I do apologize for all the inconveniences.
John Lewis: Read all that I have said, if don’t have it, I will gladly send it to you starting with the first call today.
Supervisor Charlie: Let me get your account information and escalate this technical appointment in order to get this visit done today.
Supervisor Charlie: Just one moment please.
Supervisor Charlie: Thank you for waiting Mr. Lewis.
Supervisor Charlie: May I have a phone contact that we can use to provide you the estimated time of arrive of our technician today?
John Lewis: Pick either one I sent, except yours of course.
Supervisor Charlie: Can we use this phone number: 530-xxx-2922 ?
John Lewis: Great! when?
Supervisor Charlie: You can receive this call between 45 minutes or 1 hour in order to provide you the time of the technical visit.
John Lewis: Won’t be tomorrow, or another day down the road?
Supervisor Charlie: No, I just sent all the information to our dispatch department in order to force and complete this order today.
John Lewis: Thank you!, I hope this doesn’t happen to everyone, as a lot of people would not demand to speak to a boss, as I didn’t for years then told to ask for a heavy hitter, years ago. After all if read from day one you surly understand what I have been though. Don’t think you would want to put up with something that you agreed to pay for two years and lead on day after day?
Supervisor Charlie: Yes you are correct and I really apologize for this inconveniences.
John Lewis:  OK, thank you again. If don’t hear something in that 1 hour time limit, you’ll hear from me again. Have a nice weekend. Understand not your problem, but you have to take the heat as do those under you.
This conversation ended at 08:10Am, now waiting for the call for the repair dude again. But, will send the whole conversation from day one in another story later on. Total pages 126 pages if printed it out since all this started on Monday, August 19, 2013.
Yes, I am outspoken, but when really pissed, need to use e-mail or chat as no one would want to face me in a talking battle. Wow just had a call from the Cox office Maryann and the repairman will call me between 10-12 today. I am waiting, and thank you and have a good weekend. You too sir. Bye Bye. Shot and to the point.
I deal with something every single day, and that is what happens when you have so much time on your hands. LOL Yes, even if in a casino and a machine breaks down, if winning I am yelling. If not winning, I will leave an let some other sucker report it broken. After all I am there to win, not waste time on what happened. Not in my interest. Only if in my interest then I fight. Yea, I am a greedy American like all of you are! Say your not and I’ll prove you are wrong! Think about it. Being honest is no easy task, as well as being a liar is not either. But, remembering the lie’s are hard, truth no problem. Proof is on the internet over many years worth. Just need to know how to fine what you want. Yes, I get hundreds of e-mails daily! Hundreds I don’t look at unless I have the mind to go to that site. Some sites I go to have thousands as don’t go to them for a month or so. All my sites as well listed. Face book I removed six so far, just to show how easy it can be done. A few still there as forgot the pins as I do with all my credit cards and sit at the bank and keep trying different combinations until I get the right one.
Oh yea, you didn’t know that once your card is accepted, but you forgot the pin, you can re-enter as many times as you want the pin number until you get it correct or give up. A lot of people think you have to re-enter the card. You don’t! Just a little more information I know many don’t know. yes, your mug shot is also recorded at all times as well. They the banks have hours of mug shots as I said I have combinations of numbers and letters just have to remember which one I used.
Use to be able to. Now I guess all timers sitting in? not kidding as my kid and grand kids always laugh when I can’t find my auto in a parking lot. In fact got into one just like mine and Corey stood and looked at me, and said hey old man that is not yours. Oh, and good thing he knew where mine was. Funny now, not then!
I love Mexican burritos. as well as Mc D’s ice sweet tea. But, neither likes my tummy, so am gas filled at all times. Anyone in my family will also tell you if I have to fart one it is loud, and even machine  gun style at times. Everyone ever been to store with me knows how I am at blaming whoever is with me as well.
No sorry people I do not wear big old people diapers. not yet anyways. I hear many people do at a certain age. But, still go as I always have. Not a bed wetter yet! lol
But does make me wonder at times as takes me three minutes to empty my bladder, and use to be able to in a minute or less. But, able to hole it days, if have to as well. Told that is not good, so try not to. But, when into stories then I can hold.
In case haven’t noticed started into a few other stories from e-mail that I read and reason I am replying and waiting on cable guy or gal. never a gal yet. But, know there out there.
Now noticed that my one other grand son smoked only five cigs yesterday. OK, well my question is why even one and who gave them to you? After all your broke, or were? I know none of my business and yes all my kids ah hell my whole damn family hates to speak to me if they slip up and tell a different story compared to what I know is the truth. My son Tom was by for an hour yesterday and I got his version, then another grand son his version and they never say the same when read in e-mail or face book or any of the other dozen chat sites I go to. But, when I reply I either make someone feel good but mostly bad as their telling a fib as they wish to say, but it really is a LIE!
Grandson still have those free non-smoking patches? Oh yea he had a box of them tried a few days and aid they made him feel sick was the story I received. I said whatever as he’s a man and has the right to do what he wants as well as pay the price. Guess I should say that he has a box of diapers that came, an am sure you need them. You should be good on wet wipes as gave you five packages of those from what the box holds anyways. Your mail is being kept and so are those damn puppies that if I can get anyone to load them in my van I will take to a nice area with a lot of kids and let em out when kids get off the bus, as they will take them home and say they followed or something. But, no had to talk someone in to care for them for two weeks and they can’t care for themselves as I feed them daily. Of course I buy real good food from McD’s for the dogs. The others get a pack of noodles. Got tired of noodles did ya Jess? LMAO!
Yes Sam I removed you old ladies face book page I made. Sorry as this was sent in June of 2013, and just came across that letter as well. As for Old man, yup I am and not sure if that was a threat or not as I read things into people sometimes and let it go to see if or not. Guess it wasn’t a threat as seen you at my son’s and his wife’s house on father’s day. At lease my grand daughter, your girl friend still lady enough to hug me as well as my Great grand kid’s all happy to see me as well. Not a word between us. You didn’t look in my direction once and when I went to fix my own burger that Jenny and Tom prepared for all of us. I looked at you, but not even a raise of your head, so I could start some kind of conversation. Not sure if that angry or what over the silly games that I take these computers as toys to me.
But , for real Sam I like you and next time we meet let’s be friendly as you would not like me s an enemy. You really would not. Don’t want to be friendly or friends of my side of the family then so be it. Could care less as I disown many grand kids and even a couple kids. Yes, I have a big family as I am sure you know by now. I get all excuses from family members I ask as to what is Sam’s problem? They all say his face never leaves the computer. Really? No, my family was being nice to say things like that because they don’t want to hurt an old man’s feelings. Sorry, but I either like or don’t like something and I will say so. As for I being  taken  down, if I would have seen that message before I took it down, I would have made remarks as I am now. Best as I tell everyone unless I am on that site I will not read the hundreds of e-mail and then only scan those that catch my attention for one reason or another. But, want a reply to anything everyone knows to  Well, guess I should take a shower and prepare for appointments I have today. Damn have them tomorrow as well. Oh well, someone bring me a few more steak burritos, on my last one right now. Don’t forget the McD’s tea. Thanks Tom when your mad you show it. a damn breakfast burrito and no MD’s tea. Oh as if I wouldn’t have preferred a tea over a Sonic breakfast burrito. Ricky enjoyed it, saved me a burger that way. Thanks I know it’s the though. the thought of course here have eggs with no meat and no tea. He was mad because of help I offer so many people with a roof and a place to stay and end up supporting them as well. So, what happens a story is started to move from my house to grand daughters house, which is my son’s daughter. Even my son and I talked about that and he said here is what happened. and I said no that is not what happened. Check with your son my grand son who is Corey. We will see. Boy did I get the calls and e-mail over that as I will on this today.
What about Jess’s car well his friend Hershel has it and guess sold to Hershel for weed from his parents. Oh screw all of you, if I know I will say so. besides that I was told by Corey that there was smoking of meth after all in the back bedroom. So, that means fine and why no one is here except for Rick dog now. He is concerned that I will kick him out as well. No, I am sure someone else will take him in one of my side families. If and when I do! Damn even a lame hiding in a closet under a blanket. Maybe I call them clowns, but they are not stupid clowns. That was so damn funny It was all I could do not to laugh out loud on that one. By the way Jess, he wants to know if he can parole to your place as he is not welcome here. Your like family to him and the only true family he has ever known. Write him and let him know. I am sure Hershel wants the same as he had his change and no more either. Write him as well when they get him. He’s in Springdale. Hell, Billy’s old lady came with undercover yesterday and for some reason I went to get and ice tea from Mcd”s and blew that one for her or them. James can tell you the story. Told her to get off the property and then down the road three cars and her and one followed us into rogers and guess I blew the sting for them so they will try some other time. Yea, guys come on be serious! As never done any drugs in my life. Worked medical field over twenty years as well as newspapers even longer. It won’t work and your not getting this property no matter what you try. Besides that your not that smart! Break laws and I will continue to record them even with you dumb nuts not even knowing what you see don’t hurt as much as the cameras you don’t see. See that fat ass in the air looking under my bed and I was outside. Yup you silly rabbits I will always be a step ahead of you.
Best go by the law an be trusting cops or pay the price as many of you have with me. I have to admit it was funny as hell recording all the way from my house to the intake of the jail. Even gave me time to shut the camera off under you nose. That one is a good video and on here as well.
But, guess I’ll close as shower time. then nap time.. I wish I would but am sure one day I will for good. again all send the questions I hide and will not lie about anything you wish to know. or even call 479-372-5147 I may not take the call there, but if in the mood to talk I will take them at 479-899-6256 if I want to. LMAO at all of you!


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