No, I don’t use or even smoke weed. If I want to I will! I am a free man!

                         August 22, 2013 479-372-5147
The first two video’s are the clowns from the Bentonville county Sheriff’s department. I was asked by user’s why do I have so many security camera’s from what he heard one of the Nazi storm troopers speaking to another storm trooper. Thinking of course they railroaded me to stay out of my home for their protection while searching for other persons’ When I already told them exactly who was in the house, they then proceeded to call me a liar, by asking to search my house. Upon I stated not without a search warrant. Some of you sheep stated if I have nothing to hide, then why not allow them to search and get it over and done with. Well sheep as I call you because you just don’t understand. I don’t know you, and if I knock on your door and say hey I want to search your house just to see how you live or see what your doing. Will you allow me to do this? Another user stated well when a cop asks that is different. They had someone tell them there is drugs in the house. Well, that someone may be a neighbor wanting to cause me problems or some ex girl friend of one of my family members wanting to get them into problems. It has happened a lot!
Another thing I am into electronics always have been and have been since I knew about them. Even the first computer for the public was a hand held and I did buy it as well. That is a story already I wrote on in this form. All stories can be found for years back by using any search engine and typing in lewis1946 then a space for sheriff and 72756 or bentonville rogers etc. In short any story anyone you know that has an e-mail address can be looked up as to what sites and when were they were etc. I am using me as an example so your able to use anyone’s handle or even the full e-mail address then any word or words after that for whatever your interest maybe. Reason to drop the is because I have wrote stories under other handles as well as other address of different servers. If I don’t like a server or a search engine even I find one that I like. I have many over seas to keep track of war or the murders of women & Children were killing daily to keep Americans happy so the same thing doesn’t take place here. Problem is that were running out of countries that were able to bully and steal from. which I also wrote on some where if interested to seek out lewis1946 iran killing etc.
Now since I gave many of you idea’s as to how to find out things on people, let me get back to why so many security camera’s. One I can afford them and I also muse them for my protection. I was arrested once a few years ago, which is also on here probably again by any search engine lewis1946, sheriff bad cop bentonville. If wish to find a video. Many have been taken off by the Bentonville sheriff’s department, but I have thousands of locations that I access at once so once anything is sent out. There never going to be deleted. The sites that do read your personal stuff and warn you not to use their face book for such things is a good one as well as you-tube also does it by order of the Washington Homeland security Department to do so or face legal actions. All these servers are bullied by this Obama Black House and only other countries can host a lot of stuff here in America. Reason I said to use this other site for videos, but also still use you-tube as well to see what if anything they do remove. I have been banned by the best of them, but still able to by pass all of them. Legally too!
If your able to live as long as me, and enjoy to fight for your Almighty’s or God as many you call the Almighty. Then you’ll understand that no man/woman no one has the right to tell you or order you to be controlled by them. Were all born as free people. It’s people that make you slaves if you allow them to. Law’s are man made. Many laws I agree with as they are ones as we as society agreed to in order to live a free life. But, now those laws are for citizens and not for the leaders that we supposedly vote into office. If I want to drink or smoke and as long as it is not bothering anyone else I am going to do so. The law I did not vote for or agree with. But, if caught then you pay for it as you elected leaders that are above the law. Their able to do things that we can not do. Is that right? Of course not so fight back.
As I aid I love dealing with bad badge wearers, and sometimes they get over on me like last time. But, they won’t next time. But, as I said I went to jail one time, I had my family pet murdered by a lone clown from the Bentonville sheriff’s department because he was sneaking around the property and poking his head into windows and even went to open a door and seen the dog but felt since the person with the dog at the time were both asleep he would sneak in. Now you see where storm trooper and clowns come from. The dog was scared and awoke in self defense well as still chained as he always was to the riding lawn mower so he could go out when he needed to. But, of course the stories are quickly made up with everyone and the news reporters that the dog was loose. A lie. A 9-11 call came from this are, another lie, but proof where is the proof? I had proof of the cop that even perjury himself in court, but the judge over looked it even after seeing the video. but, that is what happens they can lie and majority of judges that a cop’s word over a citizen because there sworn to protect & Serve the Constitution of the USA. Well, now days there’s video’s all over. Even cops will have to wear them soon when talking to citizens as were called by these above the law badge wearers. When I was arrested this crook even had his cam off, but I had my running all the way into the jail itself. yes, bentonville county jail was the circus it created across America, even today a lot of stories still pop up as I love keeping them alive when they force me into illegal crap like telling me to move or you’ll wish you did. Eve had a news reporter asked when I was moving as one of the clowns asked the reporter to ask me. That story also still in the internet world. In fact anything I say here can be found along with photo’s of the clowns. The funny one I really love still is when the Little Flock police department was broken into. Yup, hard to believe and their guns were stolen. Don’t think Arkansas isn’t a better circus than having to pay for one. Hell look at all those cops in the last ten years I know of being caught collection traffic fines or selling drugs even from the patrol cares. Yes, all those stories on the internet. But, even today cops have been caught raping people for a free no jail time. Kid’s being beat up as well as killed by cops for no reason what so ever. Because they feared them. No wonder citizens are arming themselves as they really need to protect themselves from these trooper gangs called police/sheriff or whatever name they wish to go by. But, all i can say is best have some type of protection even if just a camera that they can’t find.


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