Abuse and My new phone number as well!

Now after reading this story, you people will know what Child abuse is. The kids bones showing? Starving them for what reason? Still don’t know all the facts, but from the kid’s own mouths they were punished for sneaking into their bed’s? Sneaking? Sleeping on the floor when they have bed’s? If both parents are found guilty of theses charges, they deserve more than life. Then again I am not the Almighty One. Where were the grand parents or any family members? I know everyone even if we argue all the time and fight verbally out loud even on Facebook. Someone is always popping in or out of everyone of our homes. Child abuse impossible, but never even thought of in the first place. A baby cries is their way of saying most of the time. Mommy feed me. lol But these kids are older, so if family around then how did these kids suffer so long? Suffer! is the word. as not even the neighbors knew anything. Hell, my neighbors are calling the Keystone sheriff’s office all the time and has for over ten years because of so many smoke pot, and always will. Who the hell even if a judge is going to tell you what to smoke or even eat? I have an ex old lady that told me sometime back now that I am retired, you should start smoking pot, to calm myself down. She does it daily and it works. I dumb pill’s inside myself from a doctor instead. I myself am sick of Keystone sheriff’s deputies coming every so often because of neighbors are jealous that they can’t afford pot like we can. Hell our neighbors are just plain jealous because we have not left and party to the hilt as we know life is short. Especially for me. lol But, let me tell you one thing NO ONE ever hurts a kid or even an animal. Not like a Nazi Black Sheriff’s THUG that kills family pets and almost killed another human. Read the following then you know what child abuse is. Pot smoking is not abuse! Baby never around it. Baby never around anything harmful. Always fed very well, and chubby. Tired of people especially my neighbors and some family members thinking they are so much better than other family members. I think all my family members are great parents, and any kid would love to have anyone of them including ME! Well, my kids may say different, but they are 40 plus and older, but alive, lol A few maybe harder on than some, but did what I felt was best at the times. They even know that. But, anyone ever states anyone of my grand kid’s or even great gran kid’s are bad parents best see this old man first. I will gladly tell as well as show you what abuse is in person and you’ll go home knowing what real abuse is. Maybe fat and old but still able to hold my own against anyone punk ass with a big mouth. After reading what the below is happening, you’ll also think the same way. If none of you visit your grand kid’s or great grand kid’s then I am sure you know someone that does in the family and know how they are. What happened to family here in Bella Vista? That is my question! Sorry, I always get very excited when I see this crap, and even as I said animals killed for no reason what so ever but to sneak around unlawfully when their doing illegal crap and get away with it. That by the way stops as last time you were out here Bentonville Sheriff’s dept. What do I mean, it means come with a warrant as next time, your not entering as you stated to check for people for your own protection. I allowed that bullshit, only because I was ill and you upsetting my grand son. But, best be up and up as no more dishonest crap will be tolerated from you bunch of clowns.

BELLA VISTA, Ark. —A Bella Vista couple were arrested Saturday on several child abuse charges, including endangering the welfare of minors and permitting the abuse of minors.
James and Janefer Ogborn were booked into the Benton County Jail and released without bond.

Authorities went to the couple’s home after receiving a call about the suspicion of child abuse on Aug. 9. When officers arrived, they spoke with the child.

Police said the child told them his mother, Janefer Ogborn, had hit and kicked him during an argument.

The child also told police the mother said she hated the child, wanted to put the child’s head through the wall and break the child in half, according to a probable cause affidavit in Benton County Circuit Court.

In the affidavit, police described children as “very thin and extremely pale-skinned.” It also indicated that their hair was thin and eyes sunken in.

“The children were complaining of being hungry and thirsty,” the affidavit indicated. “Their skin was also pale and ashy. You could see the veins in their necks and bones sticking out.”

One officer reported that the children looked “like they came from a Holocaust concentration camp.”

According to the report, three children were in the home and told police they were locked in their rooms, forced to stand for long periods of time, could only use the bathroom four times a day and were allowed two Dixie cups of water a day with meals.

Police said the children’s room smelled of urine and garbage. There was a single lamp and no chairs or toys. A dark piece of paper was taped to the wall, blocking light from the room, according to the report.
Yes, I had to wait and take a hand full of stain alive pills before typing this letter.
mailto:lewis1946@cox.net is always working after the sneak badges read it. New number soon will be 479-899-6256 and all other numbers still work. This one is being clear, and will take another court order, which is costly as hell. Once done will let you know. But, too old and tired to play with these silly pumpkin heads. I never say what I never mean or write what I never mean. So, what the hell. Just maybe to show I can afford all these phones and cameras. As well as eat out eveyday of the year. Really have a good life if people could only be honest. Be a liar and I have nothing to say to you! Can’t stand liars at all. Hell even all our leaders are liars. Wow, people can you not think and be honest with yourselfs. It’s really easy. May hurt to tell people things they don’t want to hear. But, that is how I am. If you smell, I will say you need to take a shower, as well as say you smell bad. If your a liar, I will call you one with proof as well. No such thing as white lie’s to protect any dumb as’ feelings! If you look funny to me, I’ll say so! If your dumb, you’ll know it and probably do any ways! As for two neighbors one on each side of me. Stop being PUNKS and calling in false complaints, after all this old man never sleeps and can cause a lot of fun if want to. But, really enjoy this B.S. and keeps me clicking photos and the clowns never know it until they see them on you tube under lewis1946 or John lewis not sure what I use.

Also go to http://http://trutube.tv/ better than youtube and starting there as well. Thousands of videos on everything in the world.

Everyone I have another clear number for awhile: 479-899-6256, may not work for a while as new an deal is if a trace placed on then disconnect. Takes a court order to trace a line without your knowledge, but your able to be told as such if sign a statement to be told. LOL

Other numbers still working are home for whoever answers (479) 372-5147

Out of state number (530) 763-2922-For my kids & grand kid’s to contact me.

Cell phone: for family & friends (479) 619-5062- Don’t strangers call please.Unless for a good reason! Thanks.



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