As they say the war is on! Come on and let’s play! I don’t think you know how?

August 20, 2013- Bentonville sheriff’s Storm Troopers! At it again…Why???

  Everyone attention: It’s not that I don’t reply to your mail, it is that the FBI locally has been busy reading not just my e-mail as you will see here. But, I have also been placed on the postal inspection list for whatever these storm troopers asked or reported to search for. Not just e-mail has been held up for the past few months, but even federal local state to state snail mail is searched as well as copied and read before being sent on to my home address. My phone numbers have been accessed as well and this is the reason I switch one every few months. Only a hand full of family & very few friends have my main number which is always relayed by means of a couple other forwarding calls before I make certain calls. As I reported months ago, not only Facebook sends in required information about certain user’s that speak out against the Black House, but all this information has and is still on the internet throughout the world. I suggest that you read those messages, as this is just one of many messages that I get . I can only suggest that I have been and always will be a thorn in these crooks behinds as well as any where else I decide to stick it to them.
My last encounter was almost seeing a dear friend shot, because he was enjoying is beer and his own property. If remember a few months back our family dog was murder by a stupid Bentonville storm trooper, for his illegal entrance or trying to enter a private residence. That story is still as well in this world internet. All the messages these storm troopers deliver are sometimes posted if I can record them. Those messages at times can not always be recorded as there by other means with one or two storm troopers making a false call here. Which have lately been more and more each month. In short ever since family dog was murder, Which by the way the last message delivered was if this doesn’t work then someone in the family will convince you. Well that message was delivered a few days ago, if listed to any of the conversation. These storm troopers were so excited seeing themselves that things have heated up even more. I had to let or force many people to move because of these threats and one 45 year old man close to being shot on his own property when invaded by four cars and no telling how many storm troopers arrived. We were detained over two in a half hours myself. Which I was really forced out because my grand son when he came the door said the cop is pissed and this was the second time. He said you come out or else. The tone of voice made me feel my grand son was concerned in someway. Being grandfather I did get out of bed and took my time getting dressed and did go to front door. Asked to step out for their own protection and not allowed back into my own house when I tried to re-enter. My grand son can relate this is what took place as I also had him moved to a safer place as well. After all he has a wife as well as my great great grand son just born a few months ago as well.
What was the storm troopers story this time. I was told this house was a meth Lab. Of course after searching the house without a warrant, the Storm troopers took two residences to jail and misdemeanor court citations issued to those that do and always will smoke pot as that is how they were brought up. Not by mean as worked in the medical field over twenty years, and see Mary Jane as I call it, because I am so damn old as a medicine that is good for many people, but of course that judgement can be made by each and everyone else that reads this site. Yes, I tried it when my grand son’s as well as many friends ages. Never felt it did any good for me, so never enjoyed any more than a god old fashion Rum & Coke. Grave one at this minute, but my blood pressure as well as heart medication would not enjoy the Rum & Coke as mush as I know I would. lol I will be keeping everyone informed as I have been for years now. I will also continue to go after all the bad storm troopers until our freedoms of the first amendment are taken then of course not much liking of jail, will also cease to speak as I do now. Continue sending e-mail at same old address as these idiots have no idea how I get my information and I am always many steps ahead of them and always have been. Just don’t send information that can be used against you. What I say is what I always have said for over twenty years. Yes, when the modem speed was 300 baud. After all I have news stories from news people as even police departments to stay out of their offices and use to give access to everyone that wanted it. yes, even news rooms but those were the good old days where there were no laws as there is now against doing what I use to. I always keep within the laws of all states and this nation and always will. But, when I attack it is normally very news worthy which is impossible to find now days as yes, I also knew how to cover or delete all my information when the silly laws were passed to restrict me giving out FREE Information or access to the Yuba City Police department. The major news stations. These articles I am searching myself to post to show why the Storm Troopers are so excited up here. As when I am shot or have an accident that happens to people, you’ll know it was a storm trooper or someone that they hired. The last incident where the officer even bragged to the guy if he took just one more step he would have been shot not once but twenty times. Just letting you know because another keystone cop held a camera in his hand and did not even know what it was, gave it back to me after the illegal search of removing items from my pockets and hand them to him. But, because the video was shut off as that is how I had it set up but left the recorder on so that you could hear the information. Everything does work better with pictures, but I only letting people to know I am going to clean up the bad cops here and even at my age I have words to fight with now. here’s the message you will enjoy to back up all the information as well as the hours of sleeplessness these past few months.
Sorry storm troopers, as I see this as I did in Viet Nam a war! so, was trained very well, and still know how to take on crooks and dishonest cops such as yourself s. By the way as I said you would never get a warrant because I don’t allow drugs in or on my property. But understandable as to why you keep using that bullshit story, which I may also dig up later on when need to. Hell, what about all those other key stone stories I wrote about as officers collecting fines from drivers , even a police officers own kid knew how to rob the station of all it’s guns. What about all those murders of wrong people that I seen and heard about as well heard on the news being murdered. Yes, people when I came here ten plus years ago. I was being forced out from day one, Even placed property up for sale to calm things down. Then said bullshit, I am staying to fight! Get that storm troopers, as you said the war is on. I am also watching every single move all your black shoe troopers make, but I am sure many will not follow bad orders. At lease I am counting on that as I did the day I seen all of your new troopers and they watched to see how their suppose to operate. But, what you did was not secure my residence, which is another word for entering without a warrant. But, only those that fought for the USA and those that believe in what my father and their father’s did in past wars would understand what the United States Constitution stands for.
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