Seventeen measures (see list below) were added to the books from the last legislative session.

August 19, 2013 (1:00AM                  New Laws in effect for Arkansas

A string of new laws are in effect as of today in Arkansas.

Seventeen measures (see list below) were added to the books from the last legislative session.

Act 226: (this law technically takes effect) it allows an employee of a college or university to carry a handgun on campus if the employee has a concealed carry permit. However, the law includes an opt-out provision, and every college and university in the state has chosen to opt out.

Act 301: (this law was to have taken effect but a federal judge has issued a temporary injunction pending the outcome of a lawsuit challenging it) it bans most abortions at 12 weeks. Another law banning most abortions at 20 weeks included an emergency clause and it took effect in February.

Act 420: requires every mattress sold in the state to have a label that says if it’s new or made from previously used materials.

Act 485: makes parole discretionary for those convicted of certain sexual or violent felonies.

Act 579: requires a driver to move over to the farthest lane, when possible, from a Highway Department vehicle, a utility company vehicle or a towing vehicle that is stopped on the side of a roadway and displaying flashing emergency lights.

Act 746: clarifies that a person may carry a handgun while on a “journey,” defined as “travel beyond the county in which a person lives.”

Act 1029: requires arrest warrant for parolees charged with violent crimes or those requiring registration as a sex offender. Any parolee arrested under the law must face a parole revocation hearing.

Act 1030: defines “recidivism” as a criminal act resulting in re-arrest, re-conviction, or return to prison if it takes place within three-years of a former inmate’s release.

Act 1063: allows the state Board of

Career Education to charge fees for administering the GED exam.

Act 1110: makes prosecuting attorney elections non-partisan.

Act 1209: allows raw (unpasteurized) milk to be sold at the place where it’s produced, as long as average monthly sales don’t exceed 500 gallons.

Act 1336: requires in-home caregivers who are paid through Medicaid to undergo drug tests and criminal background checks.

Act 1337: prohibits importation, possession, sale and breeding of non-human primates other than apes, macaques, and baboons; also requires registration of all primates; and establishes penalties for mistreatment of primates.

Act 1352: requires that certain procedures performed on a Medicaid recipient at an ambulatory surgery center be reimbursed at 80 percent of the Medicare rate paid for the same procedure at a hospital.

Act 1436: requires Medicaid providers to show they are complying with Arkansas tax law.

Act 1451: prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

Act 1490: allows a juvenile convicted of capital murder to be sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole.


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