Turn off that T.V. & Radio and why not even the Internet.

August 18, 2013                Truth is truth! Take it or leave it!

  By all means, people should expand their views & educate themselves to the truth! But, then what?

It’s still not a solution simply to be ‘aware’ of the problems & prep for disaster. Hoarding & prepping may ensure the ‘survival of the fittest’ when ‘TSHTF’, but it still does not address the core problems facing society as a whole. And, they will continue, on into the ‘rebuilding’, plaguing any new one that may emerge, if not recognized for what they are. Most of the ones ‘prepared’ are ready to defend to the death those precious material possessions in event of an emergency. It’s still just a me, me, me (& mine) attitude… surrounded by the threat of violence. Exactly what they have been shoving down people’s throats for decades! Is this truly awareness, or just another cover of the same old song & puppet ed dance?

I fear no one, nor their opinions. Nor do I trust the government… or any of their shills. And I will never wave any flag, ever! Did you not read what I posted regarding patriotism? Nationality/race should not matter. It is only emphasized as another separation tactic, & is a violent racism inducer. “Divide and conquer — first. But then, unite and rule.” (Ayn Rand… another promoter of the collectivism you referred to… & all that other nonsense the elitists are so fond of.) It negates the individuality of each human soul, & again distracts us from the fact that we all need to learn independence from these tyrannical world leaders, whilst maintaining cooperation among st ourselves, instead of encouraging competition & aggression.

Yet another sin… pride… to be manipulated & profited from, as they do with every single one of them. Yes, I do believe in a higher power… but I do not believe in the version of “God” as any man-made, organized religions have made this power out to be. It is the opposing power to the one used by those ‘in charge’. Call it what you wish… God vs Satan… good vs evil… love vs hate… negativity vs positivism… truth vs lies. Just a matter of picking sides, instead of nitpicking technicalities, trying to instigate arguments & pointing fingers back & forth. Each & every one of us will have to choose, & abide… on a daily (or even minute to minute) basis, or nothing will ever change. Most fall into the abyss of awareness & end up looking for someone to help get them out, or one to blame for all these atrocities, when in actuality, the blame & rescue only lies within ourselves. That’s the one fact that almost everyone hates & refuses to face. We have all consented. Will we continue to?

Yes, I have faith in humanity. Just not the majority… those that choose to remain in a state of ignorance & dependence. I do not ‘stand idly by’. (I’m trying to institute change now, on the basic level… the only one I can control… me & my own thoughts, words & deeds.) But, no… I will not stand in defense of those who refuse to do the same, when they are marched off to the inevitable end of their own choosing.

No, I do not wish to ‘argue for the sake of arguing’. But, if I were to turn that mirror back around on you as well, I could pose many questions of my own…

Do you still slave away for them & live “payday to payday”… or… do you receive their ‘free benefits’ as a source of income? Are you even aware of any other alternatives to living? Do you pay taxes of any kind that support those horrid people & the things they do, like a good lil ‘minion’? Do you still buy goods & services with their monopoly money rather than using tax-free bartering? Do you still consume any GMOs, junk/pre-processed food & other toxins? (Pretty hard to avoid, even growing your own… with the toxic & increasingly radioactive air & water… as well as infiltrated heirloom seeds & organic fields… to say nothing of the price-jacking of the same.) Do you kill off brain cells by consuming alcoholic beverages or other man-made drugs? Do you take OTC or prescribed meds for any conditions? Do you practice herbalism or homeopathy? What changes have you personally implemented for the betterment of yourself & society, beyond ‘awakening’? How many others have you taught to do the same? Wouldn’t time be better spent by offering free classes that teach self-sufficient techniques, to all who would attend, rather than protesting against a government that couldn’t care less what you want? Wouldn’t setting up & maintaining a state/nationwide bartering alliance be an even more effective use of time & energy? Will you keep walking down the path to enlightenment & true freedom, or just keep window shopping, or throw in the towel, like most? Everyone likes to talk of alternative this & that, but few will ever actively seek to use them.

I could also add counter points, for that matter, if you wish to sit & debate some of those ‘facts’ you’ve presented…

The Middle East & their anger… has nothing to do with them “hating how amazingly free we are”. Nor “foreign policies”… except in relation to their oil & opium control. Resources… & the acquisition thereof… & all the warmongers’ profits to be had in the process. They had nearly eradicated the poppy fields & drug problem there, until we came along… now they flourish again. They have just as much right to be ticked off about that, as we do for the introduction of meth, heroine, crack & ‘legal’ drugs in our own country. As well as our pathetic oil dependence when other renewable sources have been available for decades but suppressed & ruled against. Profiteering, plain & simple… it saturates every aspect of all these issues, if you’ll notice.

Gold (& silver)… could’ve remained illegal for all I care! Unless you’re an electronics manufacturer, it still has no more real value than money. Mostly useless metals, not much better than tin & even softer than aluminum. But, they are conductors of electricity, & therefore conducive to the EMFs they use for many things. Again, profitable & useful… for them… but if/when TSHTF… can you eat it? Yes, you might be able to trade it for food or other items; but, it will still only have no more value than that which others give it. High value & profits for those pushing it now… just worthless shiny baubles later. Even paper money will have more use then… could always wipe your keister with it! Useful skills & a better class of knowledge would be something better to acquire.

GMO labeling… do you honestly think that a law requiring them to do so will help? Do you think they will include high fructose GMO corn syrup in that enactment… which is in nearly every food that hits the shelves… which would reduce their profits immensely? Yeah… never gonna happen! Even if it does, they will find a way around it, just like they do with every other law they create, & every other “FDA approved” toxin out there.

Point is… all their motives are for profits & all their ‘laws’ are felonious… & only have power when you give it to them. Rights are granted at birth & cannot be taken away, unless you let them… by consenting to abide by those codes they insist on attempting to force you to live by. Want to try to do it ‘by the book’ & their methods… waste more time researching ‘sovereignty’ or the ‘freeman on the land movement’. Only to find yourself still a slave to their way of thinking… immersed in court battles… & the endless cycle of madness. It is our thought processes that have to be reconfigured. Stop giving them power, stop funding their insanity & stop living in fear!

If you want to target me in this continuous aggressive blame game, because I speak truth as well… fine… keep firing at will. My truth, faith & courage are impenetrable. Are yours? You speak of God & righteousness… & the right to bear arms in the same argument. Is not ‘thou shalt not kill’ one of the ‘commandments’? Just more addle-brained, conditioned hypocrisy… & yet another link to an ad-infested alt news site. 

Yes… keep sipping on that lemonade you think isn’t Kool-Aid. It’s actually just more vile piss & vinegar… “that controls your mind by tweaking and squelching the information in order to appease and keep you dumb”.

Thanks for playing! Tune in again tomorrow for yet another episode of…
“Delusions & Debates for Dummies”
…& don’t go taking that personal too & get all butt hurt & defensive again… I include myself in those ‘dummies’. After all, I’m throwing it right back at you too… stupid enough to think I might open one more mind to the real truth. :p Just my ill stab at humor. You know… that good thing… laughter… as opposed to such seriousness & angst? Smile for a change.. it does your soul good! 😉 


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