Don’t give wrong answer in class, you could be shot!

                 August 7, 2013 – John Lewis Sr. view point on many subjects!
Let me start with teachers with guns. This will be a very interesting year to say the lease. Why? Well, I sure can’t wait till some gun carrying teacher asks a question of a student and they don’t know the answer. Well the wrong answer get that kid shot? Ah, silly me, I keep forgetting that the teachers have guns to protect and not put more terror in the hearts of now kids. Well, lets see how many teachers come up with a bully student and is fed up with that mean nasty kid. Yes, we will see this with gun carrying teachers. Enough said here on this subject Now what is next on that mind of mine.

What this does, and will continue to do, is indoctrinate fear into every day American citizens. This is less about the safety of children, as it is to instill more unnecessary fear.

At any point in time, you walk around in a state that allows concealed carry, do you even know if someone has a gun or not? More times than not, you probably don’t know. Thus, are you going to walk around with that same fear that some deranged individual is going to walk around and potentially shoot you over a dispute? Chances are there, of course, but do you fear that thought?

Thus, the crux of my argument is that all she wants to do is get people to fear the thought of having teachers with loaded guns on them around their kids. They have no alternatives, but to completely disarm everyone, so they’ll continue to make nonsensical arguments against anything else.
The oil crisis had mixed effects in the United States, due to some parts of the country being oil-producing regions and other parts being oil-consuming regions.
Richard Nixon had imposed price controls on domestic oil, and the resulting shortages caused gas lines during the 1973 Oil Crisis. Gasoline controls were repealed, but controls on domestic US oil remained.
And although not directly related, the near-disaster at Three Mile Island on March 28, 1979, probably also increased anxiety about energy policy and availability.[8]
The Jimmy Carter administration began a phased deregulation of oil prices on April 5, 1979, when the average price of crude oil was US$15.85 per barrel (42 US gallons (160 L)). Starting with the Iranian revolution, the price of crude oil rose to $39.50 per barrel over the next 12 months (its all time highest real price until March 7, 2008.)[9] Deregulating domestic oil price controls allowed domestic U.S. oil output to rise sharply from the large Prudhoe Bay fields, while oil imports fell sharply.
Due to memories of oil shortage in 1973, motorists soon began panic buying, and long lines appeared at gas stations, as they had six years earlier during the 1973 oil crisis.
I remember those long lines in Inglewood, California. We had a few days of panicbuying in the past few years just here in Arkansas. But, what people really don’t know is that now the United States produce less than ever in oil. We use to produce 10,000 million barrells daily now down to 5,000 million. Have not noticed have you. You will is all I can say.
Fear is thrown at you daily by this corrupt government and taking your minds off the real coming problem of the future. In this near future your going to see water, electic problems before you will any terrorist attack as were all terrorist mby the leaders of our government. As long as your able to go and buy that burger then your happy. Soon all this will come to an end. Look around yourself and learn what is happening. Did you know that there signs up in San Francisco warning you not to eat fish more than once a week? Of course not, but look it up!
Do you believe fresh water is becoming scarce? Of course not because your not told and your minds are mislead for turning in your terrorist neighbors. Did you know Soledad prison is on rationing of water? Did you know many countries don’t allow more than a shower once a week? Ah of course you need to look this up.
But, what is the greatest threat to the United States? Water! That is the greatest threat to the United States as well as the world not war. Water is life and one day when you turn on that faucet there will be nothing. Best wake up you silly sheep! If we do not protect the water supply now, we will have a falling society in the highest level. The next few years will come as the hardest. One out of eight people on Government food stamps (SNAP). This figure is growing daily and soon the whole ecomony will fail! Debt is a cause that will do away with cash in society in a couple years!
Anyone that vote higher taxes on anything today is foolish as it will affect your grand and great grand kids! DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY TAX INCREASE not even for schools! If yu do then I feel sorry for all of you that do! Your taxes will go up without having to vote them higher on another school or road repairs.You already pay taxes for all these and the rates are really way to high already compared to everything else!


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