Quick note before leaving for my plane trip-August 2, 2013

From the desk of John Lewis Sr.
12543 Scenic Dr.
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
(479) 619-5062
August 2, 2013



The above is a rap, which of course my grand kids will like, but to give you an idea as to what the California life is like in a city, I want you county out in the woods as I am today to understand what the city life is really all about.
First off a getto bird is a flying plane with Police on the side. Many times these getto birds will come in two and three at a time. Normally because an ankle braclett went to the edge of the yard and sounded an alarm. Then if it’s a Friday or weekend party night, they normally can send in the ground troops to disperse the party if they wanted to. But normally jails are to full and they prefer to fly birds with spot lights instead.
When I first came to this area that I am at now, it was nice peaceful and quiet. Of course I just read as well as scanned the news by scanner radio to see what details were happening around the area to get the feeling of the people running the local government. Your able to learn a lot if have access to all the codes of any radio even cell phones to listen into conversations. Even catch a lot of bad as well as nasty stuff. Only a hand full of people know how to do this and even those that you listen to have no idea that your there. In fact I was listening in on the private lines of a radio station when they are off air. Now, let me tell you that thy are so calm and polite on the air when watching them on television or listening to them on the radio. But, catch a conversation between two of them hashing out what or how should we report certain news items is really a red face item if you ever heard two sailors have a swear out with one another. These news people are true and nasty and really go at it on what they feel is a private conversation.
This is the reason I am not as upset as many of you because your government or elected officials have passed laws to listen into conversations of so called terrorists to prevent so called attacks against this so called free country.
I have been listening into conversations for years between every branch of government you ever could come up with and it takes no brain power to figure out how to do this. In fact your even able to broad cast on the same stations with a cheap hand carried ham type two way radio and ring in the call letters and get your voice heard. Of course that is a federal offence if ever caught and it is easy to trace at times. But, if on the go from state to state as I was many times when younger then it’s fun especially if truth is not being told so I would break in with the trth and continue on my trip.
Today the truth is dis-information and for real this is a fact today. Even if hard to believe it’s the truth it could be that your being fed a real line. Took awhile for me to see the reason behind what our elected officials were doing and discovered that hey this is fun. Turns people really into being mad as all hell or scared and wanting to be protected as they just are confused as all hell.
I took a day out of being honest and truthful for everyone living in my household and boy did I have a war going and I sat back and watched the show. Try it one day and you’ll understand how people react to things that just don’t make since.
For example I told one of my grand kids that I heard that so and so won $500.00 on a lottery ticket and that is how he’s buying things he has. When no one has no money and all of a sudden someone comes up with something then everyone asks how and why. Of course I loaned them enough to get this story going with their word of not telling no one as he was a special person to me and I will give twenty to them for whatever but never say me or it will never haooen again in your life time. Of course everyone knows to never say they did get anything from me, as they really will never get nothing ever again! First the story goes James won $500.00 and not helping but himself. Then Ricky states the same story and asks I heard you won money on a ticket. Not me states James, who said that and then it goes on and on till finally everyone is pissed off and when it finally gets back to me, it is way different than the truth of the lie I told or started. I did this every few days to keep the calm for myself as it was really getting to me so I said I will do as this government and tell anyone what they want to hear no matter what it may be.
To be continued as I need to catch my plane now as I am going to visit a very dear friend that passed away a few months ago and we were very close, plus to visit another that lost his leg in a cycle accident a few years ago and as well as an ex that I hope I can live to her age of 88 and she still goes and goes. Where she gets all that power I just don’t know. But, she is one of my favorite and only my oldest kid Tom knows of who I speak as she even plays cards to this day at 88.





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