July 25, 2013

  The above link will take you to all the N.D.A.A. videos from when the presidents started stealing away all American’s rights. Your welcome to view each and everyone of them as well as see how other organizations are taking up the fight for all of those that have no idea that more and more rights are being taken daily as I inform you.

  I have done all that I could to inform many of you that your no longer have any rights unless you and only you tell those that feel they have power over you that they do not control or run your life. You need to defend yourself at all costs now as there is more that the N.D.A.A. is planning to take all those Constitutional rights from you! These laws are man made by gutless cowards that have the money to buy gutless bully’s or punks that wear the Corporations badges of deceit and they are not for your protection and service any longer nor have they been for the last fifty years.

  You were born as a free person just as they were. They have taken it upon themselves to force laws of obey or get locked up or fined. Many states have already started to fight the Federal Government as well and the fight is now going to all the rest of the people. We have started the fight that if we do not hurry and take back America, then I see the future coming to an end with World War Three making sure that all the globe is done in!

  We are at the last stand as I like to say as even the organizations are being attacked and not just by the Internets or computers being threatened with Virus but false facts of dirty low life photos embedded by means of e-mail and downloaded files with illegal graphics to put the fighting organization out of business or given a black eye for the whole organization wanting to protect out Constitution! Many of the computers have been able to fight these low lives and many of us feel it’s the policing government setting people up. Without proof it will get hard to defend ourselves against police gangs that are corrupted! But, till that time comes go to this site and see what laws are now in effect meaning what freedoms have been taken already.




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