Racism doesnt exist in this country.

   July 24, 2013                                                   The Real Racists? 


Racism doesnt exist in this country. It used to not exist anyway. Im starting to see it now though. But here is my question? Who are the real racists? Think about it? Is it the mobs of white people who break out windows and steal things out of stores when a white girl gets raped or killed by a black man and they let him go? Dang racists! Them white folks sure go crazy when a verdict of a trial dont go their way! Ax anyone, weve all seen it! I see them racists folks on TV nearly everyday! When a white person gets pulled over by a black cop, the first thing that pops in the white persons head is oh no! Hes gonna give me a ticket because Im white? I gotta go to court and prove it now! Its not because i stole this car, its got to be because Im white! White folks have to be racists, right? They have an all white college, and a special fund so white folks can go and not have to pay for it either, Ive seen the ads on TV. Oh no, wait a minute, thats the United NegrosCollege Fund. My mistake. Cant have an all white college, or an all white college fund now can we? That was changed years ago. Then there is the NAAWP? The National Association For the Advancement Of White People? Them racists! Just think about that? A whole organization of people with white skin pickin on folks of another color and only helping folks the same skin color of themselves! Dang white folks! They must be racists? Oh, my mistake. Its NAACP, colored people. Not white? I wasnt paying attention. Sorry. Im sure some of you other folks were not paying attention either? All you have to do to see racism in this country is to turn on the TV nearly any time of day. I mean gosh, a white man gets killed in Florida by a black man and the president steps in and says something about it? Thats special. Must be because hes a white man too? Why would the mayor of Chicago want to get involved in sueing someone in the state of Florida just because he is white? Dont he have enough problems in his own town with the white folks there? Killin each other every single day. I mean its the highest crime rate in the whole country, you know with all the gun laws there no one is armed but the criminals. Oh, my mistake again, wasnt paying attention was I? The mayor of Chicago is black, as is the president and the fellow in Florida that was killed. They cant be racists, surely? Men in their position? Naw! They are trusted, national leaders, in high places in the government, they lead by example and are both highly respected individuals! Right? I guess Ive been under a rock the last few years? Maybe racism does exist in this country?

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