$300.00 a month room rental

                                      July 21, 2013  ROOMS FOR RENT!






For all those that have taken up residence here, and think that coming and going can be anytime of the night or early morning. Think again!
I may have empty rooms and you may think with these empty rooms that they are fair game for parties or whatever it is that keps you awake so late and then sleeping all day. Maybe someone stated their is no problem as I am never around but I do keep my eyes as well as ears very alert. I have noticed a few people leaving my outside room with everything on and never turned off. This will stop! Each day that you stay here is $10.00 a day and no agreement has been made as to this by the following license numbers as well as photos of cars in my driveway. If your a criminal type be warned that your license plats are probably being read now or has already been and if anything pops up then be also warned that I am an open person and don’t like criminals or druggies of any type. As with the late time and early morning hours they disturb not just me, but the people that live in this area.
If have no intention to make rent payments as stated above then best depart today and right now! As daily these photos as well as others will be added with all the information I can acquire! Any agreements you make with my grand kids will be upheld as agreed or you will never ever be welcome or allowed on this property ever again! If use drugs then don’t be here at all! Rooms are $300.00 per month as of August 1st since my grandson agreed to this. Anyone not feeling it’s worth it, then leave as of yesterday! No visitors what so ever after 9PM daily! Continued running in and out after 9pm or before 6am then DO NOT MOVE IN, but you should have moved yesterday as you already received many days free. ALL ROOMS IN AND OUTSIDE ARE $300.00 a month as of AUGUST 1, 2013. Dislike? Then MOVE AS OF YESTERDAY.


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