Always remember stories are made to sell papers and cops do lie



                                     July 16, 2013 Questions what if I was the cop plus what if…..
  All is fair in war as they say. After all it’s either you or them. But, one is considered lawful killing and the other is not. First off it’s not this old man at war with the sheriff or any police officer. Only the bad ones, and even those today could shoot my ass dead or beat my ass black & blue. Because I use words today to fight those bad protect & serve murders if citizens or the pets of the citizens. As I stated it’s fair with all the questions given by cell and house phone as well as different e-mail locations. I have really raised anger on both sides of this cop and dog murders. First off why murder and not self defense. OK, look at the videos and you tell me where it’s self defense in any one case. Tails wagging as if what’s up. Then a dog charging out a front door in a fenced yard is murder as well. Fenced and no animal wants their property invaded by unknowns. They need not be cops. After a period of time the dog will treat you as a friend unless of course they sense something bad about you, then they’ll warn you to stay clear.
  I had a dog well trained that way and he was chained up as well his home invaded by a bad sheriff sneaking up on the sleeping residence thinking he could avoid waking the old dog as well as the sleeping residence. What was the purpose? This bad cop had a 9-11 call from this location of a half dozen houses and chose this one as the main one. Why? Because I don’t like cops, or bad one’s and I had years to check out the bad ones and know who they are as soon as I see them. Of course they never know this until it’s time to bring proof of these dirty low life scum buckets. but, hopefully a few more will be gone before I am.
  But, there is a daily murder of some family pet in the USA every day if not more than one. When a cop pulls a gun it is not for show but for use. I may not have a gun one day when one is pulled, but was trained that you go into attack mode when one is pulled. After all no one pulls a gun unless it is going to be used. Right? Wrong today we have cowards behind the badge that pull out of fear any more, so this gets a lot of innocent people not to mention family pets murdered. What will I do if an officer pulls a gun on me. Well, I was trained to fight for my life and that is what I will do. Even with knowing I may be on the losing end. But, let me get a hold of the neck and I’ll have a change even at my age today! Laws as they say are made for all of us. We have the right to obey or not obey them. I normally obey what will interfere with other people at the time. But, if I don’t like certain laws as one stop sign placed up not by the county but a neighbor then I will obey if I see kids, but go though it if no kids are present. Hopefully that makes since to some of you. Yes, if ever I see a gun pulled on me and there is no reason then I will defend myself as most cops shoot as soon as it is pulled. Why pull a gun and not use it? That split second is what I want to defend myself. The decision making at the time. Again think about it. If a traffic stop and know you were speeding, why a pulled gun unless the cop already fears you for some reason or knows you. If that is the case then other back up should be called for a traffic violation, not a coward cop. Yes, I have seen murders by coward cops since being here over ten years now. In fact one is a cop still. A coward as a cop could ever be. Oh well, don’t live in the area so not going to complain about it. But, if ever stopped by this sicko then I will be prepared as I already know he’s a coward! How anyone prepares is on them, but there’s lots of legal ways and everyone should start preparing as it is going to get worst before it gets better!
  In short, no, all cops are not bad, but all it takes is one to train a group of the younger ones as to how to get away with unlawful things. I have many stories of all sorts of police that never were caught for years. It’s hard to catch the seasoned crooked cops, but it can be done. It should be the unit or the gang house of police themselves doing the cleaning and not a hand full of citizens as were called. But, until that day then it jut has to be a handful of citizens to fight for right!
  Always remember stories are made to sell papers and cops do lie and get away with it! Even judges do the same thing as I have seen even judges fall. They are hurt for life as one is worst off than I am and he made over two hundred thousand a year and now on food stamps. So, never feel the bad ones won’t get caught. They will as long as there’s citizens out there that want the bad to quit and leave for some place else. Always write a letter to the police department that you feel has done wrong. Also send a letter to the attorney general as well as your own Mayor of that town and always keep copies of the letters as they will be looked into and taken care of by the police unit itself or even the Mayor will seek out information. If I ever had to get some stupid idiot scum cop to understand the law then letters will work. Sometimes you or I do allow things to continue to see how far someone wants to go. But, your able to stop it at anytime if take action yourself. But, try the above then go to the local papers and radio stations as well as the internet if need be. But, allow a few days before starting to fight back after all you want to be sure if your complaint is valid and if the cop is just unlearned or stupid. Mistakes are made by us all. Never even give up your rights to know one! Your just as free as anyone and need to always fight for that freedom!


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