METH heads what is this crap! I am tired you damn druggies!

July 13, 2013, 1:43 AM

Notice the date as well as the time? Great! It isn’t just because I can’t sleep with all the METH heads or as they like to call themselves pot smokers. Yes, I already know how this is read and I sure don’t post this for the fun of it. But, when you have to listen to a lot of bullshit and crap from idiots then you do become angry.
But, I am more angry with the parole officer that tested one of these dumb ass people and even knew he tested positive for meth and did nothing what so ever about it. The first question as with me is why?
After all the parole agent made a call to my private cell phone when he an some other agent arrived in my drive because some dirty sheriff’s deputy tried to say that the dumb ass was not here as he spoke to him at this address. Well, as I said if asked a straight question as well as know the answer I will tell the truth. That was sometime ago of course and maybe using meth is the same as using pot. NOT! It isn’t to me! After all I have seen drug users or dumb ass’ or idiots around that crap all my life and there even dead now that the many I have seen using it for that good feeling of being able to do anything and the world is going right in anything that they do. So, they think as meth users are not very bright and very dumb as well as stupid as all hell!
I noticed a lot of yelling no your not going no place and yelling so of course this old man is fed up with this crap and got dressed and went out side to see what the hell was happening. Oh well here goes the dumb ass meth head tested taking some other meth heads I suppose home in the car. Just across the street. They walked over here but thinking with meth it is a long ways to travel across the street. Anyway, had my flash light on as well and another dumb ass went and shimed her light in my face in which I also did back, and seen her eyes were just as high as her boyfriends and they changed the subject as soon as this old afrt came closer to them to observe as well as ask questions as to what the hell is going on this late at night? Continued to speak as well as try to remain calm to get answers what the hell were those people over here for? I don’t like strangers or even friends or anyone for that matter over here after nine pm. The reply was that they just walked over to say Hi or whatever bullshit storie one of the pot heads I think more like now a meth head stated I didn’t allow them in the house because it was late as if that was a good reason for all the idiots to be outside.
I then proceeded to aske if this other idiot was on meth as well and first thing that came back was no he smoked a bowl but is not that bad as that was sometime ago. Sometime ago means just a minute ago even if their heads think it was hours ago. I could not tell really until I decided to go down town to get a late dinner from McD’s and then I could see the change in this idiot. He was higher tham a damn kite and then said that was the last ride he would ever get because of being high. Of course he was high from the help of his dumb ass brother that received all these great certificates or bullshit crap of completion of being drug free and a good man able to do what is right.
Do what is right? Yes, that is full of crap as also watched many people go though all these programs and come out again with the same bull shit piece of paper where the state charges like $150.00 for a three day five-8 hour program. The state as any other agency want the money and if complete that silly dumb ass course you get a pretty printed out certificate of great job signed by whoever is head honcho at the time with lower bullshit names as instructors that were doing a well meaning bullshit job!
In fact I will be taking one to a program this morning for second day which is held once every Saturday. Then one last one and hopefully he has learned that his SSI is less each time he gets dumb. But, we will see!
Now back to me being awake and telling this parole agent as he knows who he is for not coming and taking this piece of shit back to prison for the six months he advised him about. But, the story is he had to tell his old lady that was in the car that he was being arrested and had to serve a dry out time. Story it may be, I am not sure as really have no idea as this family can’t tell the truth even when the truth is a lot easier. So, he tells everyone that his parole agent was seeking someone else and he was being the big shot and warning everyone. Whoever that is I have no idea as this old man is never told nothing. Just like the whore that had two kids taken from her for drugs and also carrying another one that is not the meth heads kid but is dumb enough to claim any guys kid as long as he can stick his dick into her. That story was already told so if interested just go back a few days and look for a dumb ass!
Tonight or this morning everything is at this time quiet since I am up. Big mouth tramp that loves any guys cock was telling one brother that he needs to lock himself in his room as the cops are outside. Yes, when these idiots are on their joy or power juice they fear authority because their really hiding around every corner even inside the house. It’s really weird to listen to them when they don’t know your lurking around and listening. It is fun as well as they think everyone is sneaking upon them. Which I usually am. Still pisses me off that these parole agents don’t do their job and allow it to continue. Even when none of them have jobs but they have means to get drugs with promises of this and that. Hell I noticed another television taken from the house and guess they maybe got another ten bucks as things disappear all the time. Nope could care less as gave up a long time ago at trying to keep anything of value when your own family has no respect then why even try!
All I can say is that I am sure glad that I have no parents to see how dead head these grand kids as well as friends that want help are not wanting help at all, just that next high at any cost!
Shitty way to live life is all I can say! But, a few will not be coming back here and they may leave their old ladies but they won’t stay long, rest assure on that. Mr. Parole agent this guy is never welcome back here when ever you get off your dead ass and pick him up. Then maybe he has you conned as well as I with his bullshit stories? But, strange get two calls and none for his drug use? Strange, very strange.
Well seems it is time for all the meth heads to get to sleep now, so may as well turn in myself for a few minutes and see what’s on the tele(tv) and e-mail. It’s now 0222hrs or 2:22AM


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