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July 11, 2013; The story below is of one that can’t take care of his own past child as well as the one’s that he also agreed were his when first married legally then legally divorced by the first wife. This is old man telling as he will whenever someone wants to use as well as abuse the helping hand called freedom from I suppose the disrespect shown to legally first wife by abuse. Since then this guy has been certified by another abuser with a certificate of completion of being cured and also with no longer any anger problems certificate, Of course the reform state of the prison system in Arkansas makes these certificates as I do by the means of computer generated bullshit. It’s also a federally funded project like all the government called Public Schools that the fed’s pay to the stae so much a head that comes into the class to learn how to be good little sheep.
But, that is still another story as this black sheep marry s everything that comes in his direction as you will see from the following copied messages from the web pages called face book. Of course they married either June or July as you can see from the words printed by each of them.
Now this girl has two kids that her grandmother takes care of and she gets to visit on Sundays until she can convince the some body’s whoever that may be that she can remain clean from drugs of any type. That may be easy or may not be so easy as that baby is not the one in her now, but from another druggie guy. But, this guy that marry s every woman that will have him will be kind if you wish to call it that and claim the kid as his own just to show he can have what he wants when he wants. but, I have been told that this guy was not clean from his testing at his parole meeting a couple days ago. In fact I knew it would be weed or pot or whatever they call that crap here in Arkansas. But, it was not weed but a drug that I despise so much that I want him to know he is no longer welcome here as well as he best take his whatever it is wife or piece of ass and move on some where he can keep track of her when he serves his dry out period back in the prison system. Dry out? Yea, right. Just so everyone reads this message from this understands that once he went onto something worst than weed, then he can afford to live some place else. His parole agent also reads this and knows that his parolee is no longer welcome to use this address as soon as he comes by to get him. My grand son is unhappy as he feels I am being unfair with his girl friend. OK, well then your going to be told right now if you test for anything other than weed then best hit the road as well back to California as I warned you as well as everyone I am tired of the bullshit. Your hundred a month doesn’t pay anything but the damages made every month if even that from hitting holes in walls etc. Your friend as well as other grand son’s best friend is a dumb stupid ass and lazy as fuck. Works hard for the prison guards for early release. But, doesn’t work for shit even when living some place for free! Oh wait, his girl friend or I mean wife pays two hundred a month. Let’s see I had to repair the mower at $120.00 with the people here that knew as much as you guys that do nothing but make things worst. Then the door for another $75.00 because it would not open I suppose fast enough so you broke it off the hinges and that cost someone to repair this crap. Not to mention the gas taken and not replaced for the mower and weed eater. Yup, I sure do get rich off that rent don’t I! Each time all of you pull silly stupid crap and each time I warn you that your going to pay each and every time for being deceitful and liars and abusers as well as users! How you ask? Well let’s see what are the court fines and cost that affects all the stupid things you do and soon more dumb ass stuff will slowly come and take even more when you don’t treat people fair. Let’s see $1500.00 fine thus far is it, ah yes school and that will cost a few hundred and that license as well again costly. Drive without then bye car with gas soon to be $5.00 a gallon by December this year. Yup, it is fun to watch as well as use this face book form as well as thousands of other sites to calm my high blood pressure and head from all that abuse I enjoy getting or hearing all the time. As you noticed I do what I say I will do. just doesn’t take me as long as it does all you younger than me to do. I get er done as they say when your sleeping or eating yourself out from that smoke filled room . ah sure is going to be fun to watch this crap this month and already your all broke again. I love it! As next month will be even worst and as for that gal grand son that is not a druggie the rent is $300.00 on August 1st or relocate. After all best to relocate as her husband used hard drugs here and no longer welcome. He may be waiting as I am and there allowed to come into the house and arrest him where ever he may be in this house. I am sure that this is going to fly quickly and that is why I have written it in such a way that if did not complete high school will be hard to understand. But, here is the information below as to who is and I don’t want either here if it’s a fact that he gave a hard drug dirty test! Find another place this next time upon release. Enough said and it’s here in written form from this







Shelbi Renee posted to Hershel L Johnson
I love you baby. You and the baby are my whole world — with Hershel L Johnson.
Shelbi Renee
Me & My Ol Man. I love you Baby — with Hershel L Johnson.
Hershel L Johnson I love u baby girl
Shelbi Renee I love you to baby boy. Your my hole world cant wait to carry your last name and more
Married Shelbi Renee
July 7 Shelbi Renee ??????????
I hate it when ppl play stupid annoying jokes that piss ppl off ugh. — with Hershel L Johnson and 2 others.True love kisses
Basic Information
Birthday September 29, 1991
Gender Male
Interested In Women
Relationship Status Married to Shelbi Renee
Contact Information
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(479) 418-1361
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Springdale Senior High School
Married Hershel L Johnson
June 10 ?????????????
Shelbi Renee
March 10 via mobile
I like how people throw it in my face that i went to jail and lost my son for the choices i made. But hell im learning from them so get off my damn back. Yea i went to jail for a filure to appear if you knew why i didnt show to court you would understand and for the reason of DHS having my son is NOT all my fault so start bitching at other people to. So sick of this shit.
March 10 via mobile
This is why i only have guy friends, cause some of you girls are stuck up and think your crap dont stink dang get off your high horses and quit being so dang rude.


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