Feed the hungry and you go to jail!

July 10,2013                             Intent to feed the hungry

Yes, it really is a crime in the corporate nowhere state of Orlando, Florida, home of Disney World where the leading industry is water slides and soul-less chain restaurants.

It’s also home of one really slick satirist who’d give Jonathan Swift a serious run for his money.

Maybe there’s hope for humanity yet.

“This country was founded on bootlicking.”

Bless you son, you understand the System.

Note to the puzzled:

If you don’t know what satire is, look it up in Wikipedia. It will be a good experience for you.

If you don’t get the massively artful humor here, please play in traffic. The gene pool needs a statistical boost.

However, the fact that Orlando Police are carrying out the mayor’s orders to seize food intended for the poor and arrest people intending to distribute it is no joke.



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