DOG Killing Protect & Serve Thugs!

                             JULY 6th, 2013
In the event you were wondering what’s happened to the cop responsible for shooting that dog in the gut-wrenching video we posted the other day, well, here’s an update: the cop who shot and killed the dog, along with the other two cops seen in the video arresting its owner, have been pulled from street duty for their own protection.
Reports the Daily Breeze:
Three police officers appearing in a video in which one shoots and kills a dog as they arrested its owner in Hawthorne were pulled from street duty on Wednesday following numerous death threats against them and their families, police said.
The decision to assign the officers to duties within the station for their safety followed an inundation of threats over the telephone, on Facebook and in emails, Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain said.

“I understand that people have been affected by this video. Anyone would be,” Swain said. “The police officers involved are affected by this incident and having to kill a dog. I don’t understand how it translates into an eye for an eye. ‘We are going to kill you and your family because of this incident.’ Like in my case. I wasn’t even working that night.”

“There’s a lot of calls coming in where people are calling us names and dog killers,” Swain said. “They are entitled to their opinions and to make comments like that, but where you cross the line is when you make the threat against the safety of police officers and police officers’ family members.”
Most of the calls were from people offering opinions, but some threats deemed “valid” are under investigation by other law enforcement agencies, Swain said. Officers in the field have been told to be “extra vigilant.”
“There’s been death threats. You’d like to believe that maybe some of the people are just venting, but then you’ve got to be realistic — there are crazy people out there,” Swain said.
Additionally, the town’s police chief issued a letter to citizens of the community over the incident…

This will give you an idea as how this old man felt when the dirty low life piece of shit scum bag came onto my property and doing whatever he felt he could do and had no reason what so ever to sneak around private windows to sneak around as well as tried to walk into the home of our dog which was also chained up as well as inside his own residence then murdered our family pet that we had since it was born. This officer even knew that this dog lived in the residence as well knew he was always chained up. But, like majority of Leo’s as there called lie each and every time that he was not chained and running loose. Now this is not the start of our problems it started with a great good Constitutional attorney wanting to defend me against a dirty low life scum boot thug that placed me under arrest for not answering his questions in detail. He made threats of all kinds and from then on I was visited each time with threats of move or else. Your next and remarks as if i would run. Since I am 67 years old plus a Nam vet and probably seen more deaths than any one prick officer ever has. Threats do nothing to this old man as they well know. I have been living longer than I ever believed after seeing so much in Viet Nam and destroying so many villages and never really knowing the innocent lives taken even to this date with all the invasions and stealing were doing today around the world to keep American sheep happy and not becoming a group of wanting to over throw this corrupt congress and the Black House thugs!


Don’t like what this old man states.
My residence is known as the black sheep of the Bentonville county Sheriff’s department. Not for crimes as they make up each and every time. But, because I call them out each and every time from their bully tactics each and every time. The corrupt tactic that these boot stomping thugs that are called Protect & serve are not as they state.
There is no longer honor in any gang unit called police, sheriff or any other gang by those call signs. There a group of thugs that want and will take control and even kill you if able to do so without witness. Better still all citizens are considered witness. Your not a protect & serve thug then your a citizen to them. Your a no body and they will make up lie’s each and every time.
They will make threats and if that doesn’t work they will get fake calls to their office so they have a reason to come out to your property. If that doesn’t work then they will kill a family pet as well as say you could be next. there is a judge that will sign any no knock warrant with out any checking what so ever if it is legal just by the say so of these thugs to show they can control or try to control you.
I decided that there is enough family pet killing all over this United States now to show what these thugs are doing. You the citizens may think you never break a law so nothing will happen. Think again as your time is coming one day!
To: The US Federal Government Make law enforcement accountable for killing family pets across the USA


It seems just about every day now we hear another story of a police officer shooting a family pet. It also seems that there are never any repercussions for the officer.
They shoot people and ask questions later all the time.
It’s 3 AM, SWAT just kicked in the wrong door…
I think the lack of respect for pets is a sign of serious mental disorders.
I have a feeling that a large number of police are just sociopaths who have managed to slip through the cracks.
it is very frightening and disturbing that these people have badges and guns . I have as much fear of criminals as I do the police and other government entities now.
Stop murdering our family pets
There are too many stories about police shooting and killing family pets unjustly, and very rarely do you hear of them even getting a slap on the hand, if anything they get PAID LEAVE for a week or so, then its back to normal duty.
This is becoming a major epidemic all over the U.S. and is NOT ACCEPTABLE ! This behavior is out of control and must be stopped. If we shot and killed (even shot) one of their police dogs id imagine 25- life. Why should these heartless cops be able to go and shoot your beloved friend and get away with MURDER


I am devastated and cant get the pic out of my head, I will NEVER “GET OVER THIS” Capone did nothing wrong he was simply let out by one oif your fellow officers who illegally kicked in our front door letting our dogs out. Both dogs ran right past the 2 men standing on our front porch facing perpendicular to them sniffing his own yard at least 25 to 30 ft away! I watched this officer draw his gun firing 4-5 shots hitting, grazing my husbands foot putting him in harms way and killing our baby.
I want APPROPRIATE ACTION TO BE TAKEN AGAINST THIS OFFICER, There was no reason to shoot a NON AGGRESSIVE dog sniffing his own yard facing away from ALL officers. Then, as our boy laid dying, the officers laughed like some sick joke or bet just won!
The ASPCA receives regular reports of incidents in which dogs have been shot, often fatally, by police officers in the conduct of their regular duties. Although some of these animals may have been utilized as weapons by their handlers or been involved in attacks on people or other animals, many cases have involved family pets killed on the owner’s property. Police department policies generally grant broad powers to officers to shoot animals if the officers feel that they are in “imminent danger” or if a dog has killed or is in the process of attacking people, livestock or other pets.
Most police departments require detailed reports any time an officer discharges a firearm, even accidentally. Some of these reports reveal a disturbing trend. Our review of public records of firearms discharges by police indicates that it is common for 50% or more of all shooting incidents to involve an officer shooting a dog. Many of these incidents involve multiple shots fired and many do not result in the dog’s swift, humane death.
Policies that require only that an officer “feel” threatened set a very low threshold for justifying the killing of dogs. In virtually all cases we have examined, internal reviews of dog shootings have ruled them to be justifiable under existing policies, even though several cases have resulted in substantial civil judgments against police departments for wrongful destruction. Such incidents not only jeopardize the lives of companion animals, but also undermine the reputation of law enforcement agencies in the community.
Police rarely receive any training that would allow them to rapidly and realistically assess the degree of danger posed by a dog; nor are they routinely informed about or trained to use any of the wide variety of non-lethal tools and techniques available to them as alternatives to shooting. Examples of such alternatives include batons, OC spray, Tasers and chemical capture. Most departments do not have relationships with area animal control agencies, humane societies or SPCA s that could provide training or assistance in responding to calls where dogs are known or suspected to be present. Since more than one-third of American households have a dog, officers are likely to encounter dogs whenever they approach or enter a residence. Although they may encounter truly dangerous dogs in some situations, the majority of dogs they are likely to meet are well-behaved family pets that are legitimately protecting their homes and families from intruders.
ASPCA Position
The ASPCA believes that most instances of police shootings of dogs are avoidable. The Force Continuum concept has been helpful in reducing unnecessary injuries to the public and professionals in encounters with potentially dangerous people. Law enforcement agencies are recognizing that similar benefits can be gained by applying this concept to encounters with potentially dangerous animals.
There are many steps that law enforcement agencies can take to prevent the needless killing of dogs and reduce the high risk of injuries to officers and the general public in such instances:
Establish better communication between area law enforcement and animal care and control agencies, including sharing of information about addresses with histories of calls for violent offenses or dangerous animals and establishing procedures for enlisting assistance from these agencies in planning responses to situations where dogs are known or likely to be present
Review existing policies and data on dog shootings and institute administrative review of all such shootings that includes an evaluation of their justification
Provide officers with training in identifying and assessing potentially dangerous dogs, as well as instruction on how to use their existing equipment (e.g. baton, OC spray) more safely and effectively in situations with potentially dangerous dogs
Provide officers with additional up-to-date equipment that can be used as an alternative to lethal force (e.g. catch poles, nets, etc.) and proper training on its use
Enact a Force Continuum policy for encounters with dogs, similar to that for encounters with people, that stipulates an escalating scale of options in which lethal force is considered a last resort
When lethal force must be used, officers should be trained how to do so humanely to prevent or quickly end suffering. The following reflects a policy that is currently in use by several agencies:
“Police officers shall not discharge their firearms at a dog or other animal except to protect themselves or another person from physical injury and when they have exhausted other reasonable means to eliminate the threat. If a decision is made that the animal must be killed, the officer must make every effort to insure that the discharge of his weapon is done as safely as possible. The officer should also try to kill the animal in a humane way to keep the animal from undue suffering or escape.”
This has got to stop! It’s becoming a sick trend that makes me wonder if it’s a deliberate action designed to kill family pets. Who is going to control trigger happy cops who, for some time now, have been killing family pets all over the nation?
Not to diminish the fact that unarmed folks have fallen victim to trigger happy cops as well.
It is not subsiding either. It’s growing and becoming more abusive then ever.. This family pet, Ziggy, did nothing to deserve this treatment.. My god, its a small dog at that.. What sort of coward kills a tame critter? What’s wrong with the police that they shoot first and ask no questions.
Then, in this latest incident, one of the officers had the audacity to add insult to injury by telling the owner who lost his best friend, Ziggy, “You can get another Dog”.
Damn insensitive remark! Those of US who love critters don’t view our family critter friends as dispensable. They are family! And the police that shoot them are murderers.
Police Shoot, Kill Dog When Going To A Home By Mistake
“If we don’t hear a direct response from police departments, our only choice is to believe these incidents are not accidents, but a sad and tragic trend. And if police chiefs are not willing to do something about it, then citizens will work hard to influence their city councils and elected leaders to make changes for them.If we expect to live in a civil society, we must treat each other, and the animals around us, with respect. If we are willing to treat animals without respect, it’s a quick trip to treating each other the very same way.”
This is something else to see what LE has transformed into…
Not just this story or other stories (e.g. simple stop, headlight out earlier today) but from my own personal experiences…
What are they hiring these days?
How are they training, of lack of?
Vetting an officer to enforce the laws, is it still existent?
I too, have so many issues trying to relate to today’s law enforcement officers.
In my time, we (well most of us) were cops… There were some power hungry (bad apples)…
Calling them law enforcement officers, especially HEROES, has subconsciously gone to their heads…
So many don’t protect and enforce written law but do as they please in the way that they interpret the laws of the land.
I am just always leery of them when I encounter any of them…




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