Kid’s really LAZY today or is it just my family?

July 5, 2013



Finally found two honest young men able to repair the door that I had listed in Craig s list for a week or more. Had all types of people look at it and bid $100.00 plus as well as a new door also needed. Even someone that wanted me to buy the required tools as well as pay him for gas and by the hour. Anyway finally $75.oo agreed to and they had to make an extra trip to Rogers for hinges but had his own tools plus knew what he was also doing. Then drives up my grand kid’s and he said those your grand kids and I said yes. They seem able to be able to do this type of work. Yes, they could but no tools was the excuse I used. Besides that then they would probably not do it, but trade the tools in for cash at some two bit handy trade store.
Anyway the guys said that is not how young kids should be as I help my grand parents all the time. Yes, I agreed and this guy was a bit younger than my grand kid. They of course ignored them and walked into the house seeing that I found someone to do the work that they could have done if not so damn lazy! Even I did things when I was able and now have to save or get cash some other ways to save and pay for work that is needed to be done around here. Next will be the ad that I am placing now. Of course my grand kids also know what is needed but I have no idea, so have to place an ad in order to get mower repaired. I am sure that someone will answer as well as all the kooks that you have to put up with on Craigs list. But, I found your able to find a lot of people that really follow the ad’s here and sold a lot as well myself even. Try it as you’ll find that they are a great source of help if your as old as me and have no one able to help or just too lazy or is that dumb and stupid? I could do it if younger, but was all I could do to move the door and frame to the right position as that was not even done.
But, as I said young people are just to lazy to do anything now days. At lease in this family! Oh well life goes on and how much longer for us all is the main question!


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