Fast food & People complaint today!-July 4th, 2013


JULY 4th, 2013-
Fast Food & People Complaint

                                       By this damn old man!
Never did I ever think Kentucky Fried Chicken would pull what other fast food places do. But, they sure did at this place on 8th street across from burger king and next door to Ar by’s Roast beef.
Called as soon as we did get home and ready to enjoy our two piece boneless chicken with the fried wedge potato’s and the Pepsi that comes with the $4.99 special. Damn girl gave us a leg and back in one box, a wing and breast in another box and another leg and back in the third box. All had bones. Called up and complained, after all once you get back into closer to the Pea Ridge area that we live at is a bit hard to run all that way back to get things set right. In fact was so pissed that the girl I spoke to on the phone was probably the one that did this crap. But, said we come there a lot and this was the first time. Could have told us you were out of the boneless. No, the girl stated if we were out, we would have told you. Besides that we do have a special two piece with biscuit and medium drink and a side for the same price. Well, sorry we did say and a witness with me also stated I did say three of the boneless two piece specials with potato wedges and Pepsi. But, she did not listen or was out of the boneless?
If you have the receipt we will gladly give you three meals. How often do they even give you the receipt? Never as long as I have been going their. Besides you have copies on the receipt to show what we ordered and this was though the drive though. Well, I just came in and starting my shift. Hmm six pm I made the call. Strange starting your shift at 6pm. I will give you my name and your able to write it on the back of the receipt. What a phony name for next time? Oh never mind, just tell whoever and if it was you that people expect what they order. Now will have to start checking on Kentuckey Fried Children as we do all the burger places that short the orders and never get anyhing correct.
As I said never a day goes by that I am not going to find something wrong and why? Because people just do not care any more and they just do the job to get paid and go home. No more real good and want to do a good job any more with these young people.
This is why I hate to go out in public and prefer to stay away from people as there will be someone that’s going to piss me off.
Just like yesterday, we went to McDonalds on 2nd & Hudson and be damned if the line was not long, after all lunch hour. Ok, when making a right off 2nd into this Mc D’s and there is a line, you of course stay as far to the right as possible for people wanting to go to the store or on around to the gas pumps. I have a blinker on to let anyone coming in the line that I am also in line and waiting for a space so not to block the traffic, not wanting to order food.
Well, here comes some damn girl with a baby in the back seat and of course again I had someone with me as normally do. I said this gal is not going to let me get in line and she’s going to go first no matter what. My passager said no she won’t, she can see your next. Well the line moves and sure enough she pulls ahead and tries to take my place. I said nope, I am tired of these damn rude assholes. She has a baby, my passager stated. So what, she is not cutting in front of me, and she can wait just like I did. I move into position and stick my front bumber in the crack and she has to hit me or back out.
Sure enough she is now pissed, and the passager is going nuts in my van!, what are you doing. She wants to play bumber cars then I will. Instead she squeals her tires in reverse then squeals again foreward and finger salutes me and squeals away and not even getting behind me. I guess she wasn’t as hungry as she thought after all. But, that was yesterday and wasn’t going to say nothing until after this crap today. But, to give you an idea that I come off to people as if let’s go at it. Have no idea why, but do. Another member of family came in and said that is not right a leg and a wing. I am going to call as I heard what you said plus we did not order grilled. A leg and a wing. That is bull crap. Now waiting to see what happens.
16:47pm- There was a receipt in the bottom of the bag after all from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Guess the person was hotter than me, as I said I did call and was told that is what we ordered. Bullshit as I sat right there and heard everything you said. Well, tell them that your the one that got stuck with the leg and wing and grandpa already called. That you are the one that asked for the ranch dressing and hen let me know what she said to you. 17:01pm, Passager just came in and said we get those three meals replaced the next time we come in. Good, I state and told him to put the receipt in his billfold. He does and that is the end of this story at lease until we go back.


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