Rulers we elect to make rules to rule over just citizens, but not rulers?

June 15, 2013                Stand up or Run away?

  Freedom…..If you live in society and break rules of society then you also have to pay for those broken rules. After all as a society we all agree to live by rules that we also elected to rule over us. Now, what is wrong with that? Nothing as love as it is fair for everyone and not just a few. But, when we allow rulers to pass rules on all of society then why is it that those we elected as our rulers are free from those rules? Why can they break the rules when the rulers also live in this society? Why can rich people get out of jail because of having money, but this same law or rule is broken by a poor person or less money is kept in jail for weeks and months and even sometimes years until a trial is held. The poor will pay even if their not guilty because they have no money. 

  Rules are ment to be broken? Not in this society as if your on the correct side of whatever rule you break then you could be locked up for years and no one cares. You could now even be shot and killed because of the rules you broke. Matters not what rule either!

 Just sounding off this morning as to rules that society has for us all, and there not really for us all. Just li9ke justice is not and never has been equal. just like your not guilty until your proven guily. All that is bullshit  after all if true then why are so many not guilty still in jails or even prisons allbecause of money speaks and anyone can be convicted even if they did not do a crime. We all see this daily across just our own country.

  But as a society we as citizens living in society agreed to live by the rulers rules. What a shame no one is allowed to think on their own any longer and need to be told lie’s that are truth because the rulers tell you what to say as well as believe. We’re all sheep and just don’t know it until your in that flock of not guilty until proven one way or another. Who ever heard of a not guilty person having to ever go to jail or even prison if they are not guilty? We all have and still hear it today even. All because of people holding certain powers given them by those we elected as rulers over all of society. How much sicker is our society going to become until we fight to take what was once a free America back and run it by the people of society. How much longer?


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