My word Grandpa I will never drive when high or drinking. Yea right!

JUNE 13, 2013-Another Dumb Ass Family Member!
More than 800,000 people are arrested for marijuana each year, the vast majority of them for simple possession.
One of those was:
JESSE James Lewis
But really a Harris-Tribe of pot smokers
Reality dumb brain dead idiots!
Remember I told you that you were headed for jail?


Knew for sure when I learned you didn’t want to work. Even had your old lady try to convince me you were ill. Of course you were from that crap you buy from those scum bum people you want to say are your friends. They are not friends just salespeople that know how to get money from a dumb ass!
Age 20
Race W
Sex M
Eye Color HAZ
Hair Color BRO
Weight 170
Height 6 01
Admit Date 06-12-2013
Admit Time 6:23 PM
Well, I never drove when I am high or drinking. Really Jesse? I was told that you even admitted that you were high to Ms. Pea Ridge road patrol officer. She gave you a brake only because you admitted to her in front of the witness you had traveling with you.
Besides that now your driving on the highways are now gone away for a long time. Your going to be taught a great lesson as well as apply for all those lessons for those to teach you never to drive while under any type of substance. You will also pay court costs as well as many other costs. Costs that you never could afford before this dumb idea of driving while as you say just a little high. A buzz has costed you a lot and now your going to have to scrap together for gas money/bus money for teachers and license fee’s in the future. Not to mention fee’s for food even if Obama gives you food stamps and other goodies to support all those that can’t make it. Can’t make it because of wanting to smoke weed? Maybe yesterday which was the 12th by the way. I waited till the 13th to type this. Now bond hearing is next. Your wife already called every person in the country and I listen to all the rumors and bullshit all day. I finally said what the hell and went back into my room of silence and here comes so many people all with different stories of course. Stories to it was wrong for him as it was not even his truck that had no insurance. I had fun explaining to few that seem to get all their knowledge from jail/prison lawyers that have not even received a G.E D. But, sure is fun listening to everyone. How and why and we all really know how and why, but of course why not blame those that seen you do something wrong. After all I even know you don’t drive as well as you should and even scared me when I did ride with you. Maybe scary to ride with an old man. But, not half as bad as you were and that was when you did not even smoke. Turning off a side street because you think these patrol officers would not see you? Really, now if this young gal is by herself, Mark my word she seen you not yield the right of way as well as just looking at the crowd you had riding with you that she had many more citations if she wanted as well as could have taken in the truck that was not yours. Even a dumb ass letting you test drive while high if was me, would have taken the truck. But, then again most patrol officers are not as mean as I am. They probably knew that your old lady would use it for bail today. If I was her, I would get two hundred bucks and go home to mom or dad. After all how can anyone stay with someone that feels smoking pot is more important than their own welfare with how things are today and getting worth as the months continue.
Oh no picture as this address was marked that if they ever lived here now or even in the past. I would post the photo. Well Benton hate to say I am posting one just the same. after all anyone in my family loves me to death when I do this. they of course hope for death more than love.
But, I love these computers so I can rag on and on when things are good or bad. Trouble is when I do it’s all true and the truth is what everyone for some reason hates. I wonder why that is? Well I am going to sit and see what happens the rest of the day, week month and who knows maybe years. Best not smoke that crap as next time will be triple your fun. Besides if not for your cousin then even your old lady would not have a ride. Which she still doesn’t as I said call 9-11 after all you play then I also believe you should pay! If things go as I think they will, I may have to place ad’s for those pet’s of yours. Told you there was no way you can afford them. Best to pick up a turtle off the road for a pet. That way your also saving a life as well. DUMB ASS! Love grandpa. Boy can’t wait till I decide to go to Legions on your birthday. Hey at lease an I.D. card is cheaper.

06-12-2013 Pea Ridge City Court No Bond
Pea Ridge PD Pea Ridge Police Department – Pea Ridge – AR0040400
Failure to Yield – Class U – MISDEMEANOR
06-12-2013 Pea Ridge City Court No Bond
Pea Ridge PD Pea Ridge Police Department – Pea Ridge – AR0040400
No Proof of Insurance (First or Second Offense) – Class U – V
06-12-2013 Pea Ridge City Court No Bond
Pea Ridge PD Pea Ridge Police Department – Pea Ridge – AR0040400
06-12-2013 Pea Ridge City Court No Bond
Pea Ridge PD Pea Ridge Police Department – Pea Ridge – AR0040400



  What and who does this pertain to? I see a couple people! Oh well, what the hell!


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