12 year old screws teacher, Was the kid of 12 that good for 2 million dollars?

June 13, 2013 Malia Brooks, 32, surrendered herself to police and is being held on $2 million bail.



A divorced elementary school teacher seduced one of her students under the age of 14 into having sex, police said.
Malia Brooks, 32, allegedly performed sexual acts on the boy she was supposed to be educating at Garden Grove Elementary School in Simi Valley, Calif.


Brooks was suspended from her job at Garden Grove Elementary School. She later resigned.

The mother-of-two was arrested Tuesday after surrendering to a local police station.
Arraigned at Ventura County Superior Court the following day, the sixth-grade teacher pleaded not guilty to several charges.


Dang – where were all these teachers when I was in school???? My only complaint would have been when’s, where’s it gonna happen next! Seduced? A 12 year old? If any man has any sexual contact with a 12 year old girl the word “seduced” would never be uttered, and rightly so. At 12 years old he cannot legally give consent to any sexual activity. This is rape, pure and simple.Female teachers seduce…male ones rape. Interesting. but to each his own, right? I guess you wouldn’t mind if it was your son..you’d give him a high five and not press charges against the rapist? Enough as I am sure has many things in the closet and they wish to keep them there. Don’t let me find out as my family loves me to death when I talk about them. Just wonder at times if I went to far. then when I am told yes, I say not yet, and go on. At 12, well we so called raised Christians were raised differently so we didn’t think girls till teen years. Now days it’s what 10-12 ? Wow!And double wow. Really? What a weird and strange world we live in!


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