Old Man sounding off as he does at lease once a month!

Generation Difference
From the old man
June 7, 2013



When you get my age as well as interested in how society changes, then you do think as to how and why certain things happen.
Many people my age as well as younger and older of course just give up and if they can’t get what they want right then and there. They give up and blame others and never themselves.
I have grand kids and great grand kids and even great great grand kids. For those not well trained in how does this happen I will explain in detail. My son, has kids, and his kids are my grand kids. Now when my grand kids have a kid, then their my great grand kids. Last and if this is the last at my age and my great grand kids have kids, then their my great great grand kids. Of course if I live let’s say another twenty plus years and I will see many more great great great grand kids and it continues on.


If you use a computer speller as I do then you will get corrections on repeating words and not that their misspelled or anything. They repeat word after word is incorrect and of course you ignore these words of great great great in order to express the generation as to how it happens.
Then continue on. But all grand kids today want before even understanding their wants must start with a job or work. Explaining to old people like I am crazy. I hear well I can look for work if I have a car. Can’t without a car. Now those my age will see where I am coming from as I already know that they have heard the same thing. You can’t say that you walked for miles in the snow or rode a bike that had flats all the time until you earned enough to afford a car that also needed as much work as your first bike. You will get those were the OLD DAY’S!


Ok, I agree those were the old days! But, then you tell them how much more they have compared to you and they look at you as if you should have already had what we have. Computers, cell phones and on and on. When you tell them that you never called anyone until you got off work and home or made a call from a public phone and paid a dime. They say well we call anytime at anytime, so see how those old days were. We live in a modem day where things are faster and your no longer able to have a bike for a paper route. What ever that was from some grand kids. After all papers today you pay for on the internet. Well, many do as we old people paid to have it delivered after it was already old news. The kids today pay for old news on their computers. We older generations know better and just go to where the news is. Matters not what state or country because we older people learned to not pay for free


information that the news media wants to feed all these younger generations. That’s the problem they learn from those that tell them they have to pay as well as do what they say. Why? Called control over others and they are taught that in all public schools or government controlled as well as forced rules of what the rulers want taught.


I remember when I herd such a thing years ago when my kids were told by the public education system to tell their teachers of anyone in the family with a drug problem. You as well as that parents with the problem will get free help.


Can get free help and make things all better. Lucky for me I never liked drugs but also worked in the medical field and already knew how bad some were.
But, I knew of families with drug problems and how the government helped them as well. The parents had their kids taken and placed in foster homes and the parents were given programs of re-education until they completed the states government programs. If they didn’t make it then they were placed in prison and forced to give up their parental rights so others could buy their children from the states. Adoption is the nice word used for the homeless kids with no parents.
Now we hear as well as read highway signs daily to turn in anyone that does a crime.
Signs of littering, drunk drivers, reckless drivers, strange people etc. In short if you don’t like someone turn them in for whatever and they will be taken care of.


But, why continue this as you all know or should know that your already conditioned to do as your rulers wish. Those of us that fight and always will till the day we die. Well some state or city county governments will say he’ll be dead soon or if to young will be killed for some bullshit state lie to keep you quiet. But, everyone knows this or should.
But they don’t as no one knows since June 5, 2013 we are attacking Syria with American troops. But, that’s another story if I can ever write it. Maybe our news media will break this new war, America has started soon? You Think?



The above is something that everyone with age would be interested to see as well as use. Just see how your life has changed. A state by state crime file and much more. You will like it after learning to use it. You will be surprised as to how things have changed!


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