AAF AAF AAF Best place to be ripped off from! AAF AAF AAF


                                                      JUNE 3, 2013
AAF Dealer ship is the worst place to spend your hard earned money! I have dealt with three locations Bentonville, Rogers and Spring-dale. There all LIARS first off. This is a known fact with all the people I  had dealt  with were dishonest as well.

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I bought my first vehicle from these LIARS in Bentonville, Arkansas. When almost paid off I wanted something that ran better. I was given verbal promises as well as told this is just like any other contract and if have any problems at all then bring it back and we will make it good.
That is a LIE as well! They will avoid you and keep you waiting to see a manager and tell you to come back and we will still help you as the manager is not in or at a meeting for a few days. In short, you will be given the stall treatment and after so many days when the contract kicks in to avoid that lemon law or you brought it AS IS. Day one I did not get the van I bought even home.
I am the type of person that if I give my word then I keep it! Even if those dealing with me and pass the buck to some one else that LIE’S for there greedy paper money. The engine light came on that first day! Took me a week to finally see a manager and I had to go to Spring dale to speak to some numb nuts that wanted to play poker on his computer and keep me waiting for hours. In those hours I met many other customers and they noticed I was very outspoken when I was down grading the sales people as there told to lie or find another job.

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One older veteran was having his car rep o. right there in the Spring-dale yard after he was told he didn’t have to worry about being behind, as well to bring it in and they would fix the problem. They were forced to find a ride home because of these LIAR’S!


My payments were always in advance by at lease a month or two. Even when I threatened to not make another payment until they did as they promised. They seen ad’s all over the internet and there still in here some place. Look for AAF under lewis1946 or smokey and a few other names in search engines.
After all I really want all you working people to know that these people have a come on that will bring you in week or monthly with some type of bullshit. I never had an oil change paid for. Why? I had to come into their office and show my proof and then and only that way could I get a refund on my oil changes. I never missed an oil change. But, when you deal with scum buckets of LIAR’S then you try to avoid them. I offered to fax or mail them in for credit. No read the fine print in the contract. So, hundreds of dollars later I was screwed again by these idiots.
When I learned that I had repairs mounting over $2500.00, I was upset as well as pissed. I almost was going to say screw these damn scummier people! But, already paid in so much that I had hopes that someone would give me a fair shake. I went and talked to some asshole that was the owner or part of that family of LIAR’S.


Again waiting time is what they are great at. Even if no one else is there, you wait until there done with the card games on the computer. I walked in to the back office one day and that is what this idiot was doing eating and playing cards. I think that is what many of them do after the 16th to 30th  of each month. But, was directed to one of their garages and had to pay for the repairs for around $300.00 and of course I would get credit back to where I didn’t have to make a payment to the regular payment, would be at the end of my contract. In short the contract states AS IS and you are given a month or two depending on your payment amount and repair cost. In short your still paying to get the vehicle in running condition and if can’t afford to do that then they will steal it back from you. but, read the contract and AS IS. Do NOT LISTEN TO THEM VERBALLY! Again anything that comes out of their mouths are LIE’S.
Towards the last $1000.00 you owe they will send you cell phone messages, fax’s and home call’s and even text messages as well as computer messages in e-mail that they will buy back that vehicle or trade it for something better.
WARNING! If anyone at AAF speaks and you her words like we are behind you and our cars 100%, look at their lip’s ask them again to repeat what they said. If the lip’s are moving then they are LYING to you. Read the contract. Cross something out and init it. They will write up another and tell you no this is between us. I never LIE, but the main boss wants us all to turn in all contracts with just the printed things. We stand behind all our verbal promises. That is a LIE!
Why would anyone want to buy from some idiot in an APE or BANANA suit? They have to hide from you because they know they have LIED to hundreds of people over the years.
I made my last payment this morning and still did not want to go to see them. So, I paid extra for the convenience of not having to see these liar’s. I asked if they could send my remote spare key in the mail?
Sorry, you need to come to spring-dale to get the key. I said what is wrong with sending a damn key. I will gladly pay and extra five or ten dollars to have it mailed. Nope, Spring-dale stated sorry you need to come in and get the key. I asked if they would check to see if the key is even there. I was put on hold for a time, and the young lady stated that the key was there. I said I would be there this afternoon , but go ahead and take the payment now and send the papers in the mail. Can the papers be sent. yes, it will take 10-15 days. That’s fine. I went to Spring-dale at 1245pm this afternoon the above date. Went into the first door in Spring-dale and to a girl up front. Stated I was Lewis and I am here to pick up my remote key to my van. Oh go see the money sitting in the chair on your left. I go over to the monkey and of course give the monkey my name and he looks it up, and see’s I am fully paid off and asks how can I help you? I need my remote key as was told I get that after my van is paid off. Oh that’s over at the mechanic building. Of course no one there in the office so I take a seat and call the place where they have all the bananas and monkeys. I get an answer from the office I left. I said there all in the garage can you have one of them to come in the office and get my key. Oh I am so sorry. the key is over here and they made a mistake so come on back here. I drive back over and send in my grand son since I am old as well as tired of playing monkey hide and seek.


Grandson comes out without a remote key as promised the first time a couple years ago. I said to hell with it. So, I said at lease have a spare key. I best try it out first. Guess what and I know everyone has already guessed it. The key was the wrong key. For some odd reason my grandson did not want to take it back to them. Why I have not asked, but am sure there was more of a reason than just the key. Anyway I said try the damn key yourself. He does, and guess what it isn’t the correct key even!. He goes back in there and they tell him that was the only key in the folder. So, nothing we can do about it. I threw the key out on the parking lot so that they can give it to the next honest sucker that buys anything from these LIAR’S.

AAF every-time you send me a text message, a phone message, a computer e-mail message and a fax or cell phone message. Then expect this add to be seen by thousands of people each time.
A remote key of all things and you don’t have it. Your all a bunch of LIAR’S and should be ashamed of yourself.
Anyone that reads this please repost it every where as well. Warn all of Arkansas that they are LIAR’S at AAF


3 thoughts on “AAF AAF AAF Best place to be ripped off from! AAF AAF AAF

  1. April 1, 2014- Don’t be a fool on April fools day! Do not buy a piece of junk from liars and dishonest people that don’t keep a promise no matter what. They want as much as they can get and will steal the payments anyway that they can. Your warned! AAF is a shit hole dealership no matter where there located!

  2. Reblogged this on John Lewis Sr. News of Truth and commented:
    Just taking a couple fish to AAF in Rogers. They rent a room from me,as there car broke down. That also means I take him to work and pick him up after work and I charge them $20 a day which is cheaper than $40 today by cab. But I did also warn them as to car dealerships. There’s not many cars in fact search very few. Appears many of these dealerships have gone out of business. As I said 3 years ago they’re all liars. But I guess the renters family meaning dad and sister have bought a car from them and think highly of them. So by mentioning dad’s name of course aaf will get another turkey. Just my opinion.

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