Check will be DELIVERED via USPS today

JUNE 1, 2013 Things are getting bad in society! Scams scams and more scams!
The following is a scam! Check that was sent will come back to your account as no-good. Everything in your account will be taken to cover this fake/bad check! Any money you send is or was yours and you will never get it back! Don’t send anything to the listed person below. You should know that no one sends money and asks for some of it back when they have no idea what they are picking up. I was alerted to this by another person this morning that received $2,250.00. She was excited and of course in need of money. She had no idea what the check was for. As I wrote on this subject a few times over the years. If you don’t know who the sended is of a large mount of money. DO NOT DEPOSIT IT IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! Ask to have it checked for sufficient funds before making a deposit and especially do not send any of the withdrawn funds from your bank account to strangers as listed. They get good money from you. You get nothing, but still owe the bank for all that you thought was a free gift.

Carrie Welch Welch
3:05 PM (1 hour ago)
How are you doing today?
My Check will be DELIVERED via USPS today and when you get the package Kindly have it cashed in your bank / deposit the check into your bank ATM Machine for Normal bank processing and it will clear into your Account within 24hrs, When you have the cash at hand just go ahead and deduct your money and also deduct $50 for yourself as run around expenses. Easily forward the Excess fund directly to my Mover in cash immediately because the mover is also picking some other Valuable Goods for me ( Household Furniture’s and Electronics Set.) at the same City of your location. That is the reason why you need to send the excess fund once you receive the payment Via USPS Service Tracking 9470101699320000944983

I want the funds send to my mover via Money Gram

Here is my mover’s information to have the excess funds wired.


Receiver’s name : John Hendricks

City : brooklyn

State :new york

Zipcode : 11239


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