MAY 31, 2013 Where oh where are the nukes hiding?

MAY 31, 2013 Where oh where are the
weapons of Mass Destruction?
Well, it’s really strange how so many people THINK that a secret is just that. I can tell you that if one person knows the secret then everyone knows that secret as well!. What is or do you think is the biggest secret in the world? Where the nuclear weapons are? Really, that is strange I have a map of where these missiles are and even a few have moved a few miles up the road, because of the floods as well as other little mother nature that affects us all at times. But, really moving is costly as any one understands when you move from one house to another. Well, a few have moved since this map but not more than a few miles. After all it’s a secret. LMFAO only because it’s a secret. I am going to let all you sheep in on a little secret. Oh please do not pass this on to China or Russia. After all this is a secret. If you tell anyone else our secret then I can’t tell you any more secrets. You give me your word now before you look at the map. Oh by the way, don’t tell anyone how close one may be to you. After all it’s for ll of us to be protected.
There are currently 5,113 atomic warheads scattered across America and on U.S. submarines around the world.
It shows where the warheads are (in red on the map), where the civilian nuclear power plants can be found (in green) and the location of labs and nuclear weapons plants (in blue).
The green arrows show nuclear sub stations.
The military doesn’t hide where it keeps its missiles and bombers.
While the nukes are in their silos they are only pointed straight up. After they coordinated the target into the tracking device, then, and only then, is the warhead “aimed”. And it doesn’t miss it’s intended target.


                         REMEMBER THIS IS A SECRET!


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