dog approached their officer in an aggressive manner

                                               MAY 30, 2013

“We had received multiple phone calls from neighbors on the day of the incident. They said the dog was acting vicious and running around”, said Det. Jeff O’Brien with the Prairie Grove Police Department.
The dog’s owner, Amy Jones, said her boxer, named Gunner, should still be alive.
“When Gunner turned to come to my house, the officer shot two more times, with people in the street. There are children in the street, people standing right there”, Jones said.
Police told 5NEWS that the dog approached their officer in an aggressive manner and forced the officer to fire at the dog.
Amy said that if her dog had attacked someone, she would have agreed with the shooting.
5NEWS obtained documents from the Prairie Grove Police Department that show Amy had been warned and cited multiple times for different aggression, leash law, and vaccination violations concerning her dog.
One of the neighbors who called police told 5NEWS that Gunner always gets free from his chain and is aggressive towards kids and adults.
Other neighbors tell 5NEWS that the dog was very kind.
However, police stand by their justification for the shooting.
“It happened so quickly; the officer felt like he needed to pull his firearm”, O’Brien said.


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