Tantrum in the Black House

May 27. 2013

Well, the gun bill that Obungle and Reid tried so hard to cram through the senate fell flat on its ass causing Obama to have an absolute chimp-OUT! Inside sources say that he literally had a freaking oogaboog tantrum in the Black House, calling the NRA reps liars and cursing every conservative and white politician in Washington. Of course that’s not racist. After all, he’s black! This is a real setback in his plans to disarm white America, which he is deathly afraid of (and rightly so). Unless he succeeds in his evil plan, he’ll never be able to implement martial law. And history has shown than there has never been a black that has willingly handed over the reigns of power to a successor, no matter what the country or century. Never. Ole’ Chimpy plans on becoming America’s first dictator, and he has tons of masochistic, self hating liberals to back his play…

Him and that mentally deranged Reid have jointly promised to resubmit their evil bill later on down the road, but it won’t do them any good. The American people raised such a stink that even the most corrupt of our leaders refused to vote for it. And this made Chimpy choke on his chitlins, let me tell you. It sounded like someone had stepped on a chimp’s banana in the Black House last week. Haww! (I now call it the Black House because the Obungles had every last bit of the historical treasures of our country and our Founding Fathers removed from the White House when they moved in, and had it all unceremoniously dumped in a large storage facility. Then they had the place completely decked out in “Afro” decor, down to posters of Dupac Shakur and statues of Martin Loser Koon. At our expense of course. Damn niggers. They can always be relied upon to behave like niggers…

The sour grapes made me wonder if it’s a coincidence that two days later ole’ Chimpsannounced that anyone badmouthing him publicly would now be charged with a crime. That coon is getting way too big for his britches. Everybody and his dog knows the election was rigged. Heck, I honestly don’t know one single idiot that actually voted for his sorry black ass. Of course I don’t associate with darkies or liberals, but just the same I should have ran into at least a few by now. But no. Not one stinking fool. Personally I smell a great big, fat, stinking red eyed rat. We all know something smells here, but proving it in this political climate is next to impossible. Oh white America knows deep down that our government is now under the control of career criminals, but they’re too chickensh*t to admit it..even to themselves. Instead they pretend everything is just peachy. This makes me want to go postal. In fact I’m starting to understand why some of the poor devils that have…

Ever since his initial “election” Obummer has behaved like the arch-typical nigger, beating his chest and bragging, making threats and abusing his power to the max. Heck, one of the first things he did even as a candidate was to ruin the career of Joe the plumber for daring to call him on his lies. You’d think that would have cued in the liberals that supported him that everyone should avoid this ape, but like liberals always behave, they elected him anyway. I’ve realized that liberals are masochists. They seem to crave degradation and abuse. And a dictator coon president would be a dream fulfilled. Sick freaks. If this country falls, it will richly deserve it. We have allowed every kind of sick, evil, deviate lowlife into this country, and we have started emulating them to boot. We are now overrun by the very kind of people our fathers would have gone to war to keep out of here. But instead we just sit back, sucking on a brew while our kids walk, talk, and even dance like ghetto trash and spew liberal communist propaganda about the “joys” of racial diversity and interbreeding with the lower races. Political correctness be damned. The races are not equal, and man has acknowledged this fact since the dawn of time..until the liberals took over that is. Now we are forced to live a lie..or else. Sour grapes? Tough. I’ve got a few bad grapes of my own…                                                                                         

If only closed minds came with closed mouths.

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