it is my pleasure to post it here, in tribute to those who are willing to give our Country the last full measure of their devotion..

May 25, 2013 Remember Memorial Day!
Honor The Fallen, For Whom Every Day Is Memorial Day.
Rum & Coca Cola-Do you even realize the song was about prostitution!

Official Music Video from 903 Music. A powerful song about the effects of war on soldiers once they return home and try to adjust to the mundane realities of a free society. Could be about any soldier from any war.
Buy “I Just Came Back From a

Now, if only the man inside that Big White House would actually cry when we bring home one of our own.
Not everyone can be in the military; it takes a special kind of person with a special kind of pride and spirit. Semper Fi to all that were and will be.

“We were fighting for the French cowards, and not allowed to win ! ” what a bunch of crock. On par for youtube, though, I guess… hint : end of the French Indochina war 1954, start of the US Viet Nam war 1964; this quagmire was all yours, and if dropping more bombs on a single country than on all of Europe during WWII, killing millions in the process, is “not being allowed to win”, then, the USA never will win a war (and haven’t won a single one since 1945, as a matter of fact…). What a joke.

Here is a Civil War Song that SoulStealerSlayers gave me. I don’t own any of this. Hope you like this.

I want to share with everyone this awesome video I found in the public domain. It does a fantastic job of illustrating the debt of gratitude that we owe to those who have worn our Country’s uniform in the past, and to those who wear it today.

I wish I could claim credit for this video, but I did not make it. However, it is my pleasure to post it here, in tribute to those who are willing to give our Country the last full measure of their devotion…Thank you for watching!

This video isn’t mine. It is in the public domain and can be downloaded and used by everyone. There is a great tool that I use on a regular basis to download videos from YouTube that has been working great for me. It will help you download this video or any other and convert it to Windows Media format so that you can play it on any computer. As always, behave responsibly while using this tool and make sure that you don’t break any copyright laws, OK?

When you come home!

This video is dedicated to all soldiers who have participated in our war on terror. The song is titled “So Far Away” by Avenged Sevenfold.

“Bright Sunny South”


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