May 21, 2013 Comment after the storm and continues today…





May 21, 2013 After the damage here in Rogers, Bentonville, Pea Ridge and other small area’s in and around my home,

The first thing I see is this message area above.
As far as reading the above message, it is nice to have such a social site like Face Book, especially when you know family as well as friends use it to keep in contact with one another. After all the family all have cell phones as well as home phones with text messaging. But, matters not if the roof’s are blowing down the street or the houses may be tumbling to the neighbors. If anyone is asleep then they will answer the text or voice message as soon as they awaken.
Even this grandpa had the power go out for hours, how long no idea, as was nice and stormy and dark and just great. Whoop’s great will be taken as mean, only oldies such as me will understand the meaning.
I was going to let everyone know how I did as well as grandson and new born great grandson and wife as well as others here living in the house. But, what the hell, why say anything after all who cares. Take notice above.
Never take me wrong as to reading the above from other BLOOD FAMILY as one granddaughter would say. After all I believe in right and not wrong an matters not if BLOOD or not as I will not even defend BLOOD if their wrong! After all were all human, well all but me so I am told by many. lol
Hey, need to say someone not BLOOD did come by at midnight last night to check and see how we were. Of course everyone was glad to say hi and all that. Now on the other hand this old man comes out on the back door with a flash lite shinning in his eye’s asking what the hell he was doing here after 9:00PM  Of course this person who was Jay stated he was making sure we were ok. I thought different and said we are fine, and you have woke this whole area up and I as well as anyone else doesn’t like people after a certain hour. After all makes us wonder what your up to. After speaking with people his own age for a few minutes he departed and never came back. But, I bite first and ask afterwards. Guess it’s that distrust I have for this human race, matters not if family or Friends, after all once that trust is broken, you never regain it!
Now we lost one teenager in Spring dale because of the storm, but a lot of damage as well but nothing compared to Oklahoma where over 100 people including children so far dead at 50 and 100’s missing when a school was hit. A direct hit in fact with 200 miles winds.

  As for Jay seeing we were OK  just to let you know Jay, I know you sell Dope or weed and weed is the same as dope to me. Just want you to know I really would like to think if we were ok, but come on kid. I may be old and you think I am stupid, I really am not. You were warned. as for sorry for waking me up, I never sleep and that is something you will never understand. Never come over that late again, even if this house blows away. We will be OK, after all we have a neighbor that dug us a shelter in back of us. They just don’t know it is also for us is all. LOL
Oh with that I just want to say we are fine also! Also good to read your all also fine!


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