Hi Sandra from lewis1946

MAY 19, 2013


OK, for those of you that may know MS. Sandra Perry all I can say is either she has flipped her wig, or was hit hard on the head. I won’t display the e-mail’s, but I have told her if she is for sure as she wishes then we have nothing what so ever to hide from anyone. yes, of course I have many profiles set as seeking men bi or both. Men come a dime a dozen as they say in the old fashion way. but, never a beautiful future Ms. Sandra Lewis which of course could be Mrs. Sandra lewis. We still have a few funny aspects on-going as to why in the hell does a beautiful young lady of only 20 would want an old guy of 67 come October? Now, I understand the meaning of an dirty old man, look but do not touch. Hell you have to be nuts not to think that this dirty old man even after a shower is not going to do more than just touch. Yes, family maybe even go straight for a while. Maybe till a very long while. Depends on Sandra and this is third connection with the sign as you see. The first photo’s you need not to view, after all they were to this old man. Sandra knows how I am as she has been keeping tags on my site or sites for weeks now. Why? Again this old man has no idea and doesn’t care. No, I have not sent no nudes as she has done, and I needed none as such. Believe it or not I did get a kick out of the sign she was holding, and it did tell me a lot more as to her truth in seeking just me. Hmm we are to meet and exactly as to when and how I am sure it will be……………….. Yipe In a relationship as they say?……………………….


One thought on “Hi Sandra from lewis1946

  1. Where and when did you post in order to get this spam? Craigslist? I posted one in Craigslist 3 years ago and I just got that spam 2 weeks ago!

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