what is the proof and logic that life will be under justice,

May 16, 2013—Old man’s on the world an of course more!

The world today is rife with injustice, anarchy, warfare, bloodshed, killings, rape, unemployment, poverty – in one word, turmoil.
Basically man is a social being and lives collectively. No man is self sufficient and must depends on others for several reasons that makes him bound for collective living. For living socially it is very natural to obey some rules and regulations that encompass factors on various subjects of life and it is called the system of life. Naturally one side of this system will be on spiritual development and other includes all types of provisions like penal code, economics, politics, social policy, education system.
It is totally unfeasible to live socially without a system of life. Man desires a system of life that is accurate and flawless. Activation of such a code of life results a society where remains no unfair, social, political and economical iniquity and injustice; where the security of life and resource is completely established, the freedom of thought and speech is conserved, also personal fight and conflict, bloodshed remains no more in existence.
Since all types of man as good and bad is includes in mankind, it is impossible to obtain cent per cent success here, but it be well enough to reduce the crime, injustice, unfair, conflict and bloodshed to the lowest extent like one or two percent for the accuracy and precision of the system of life. Question is where will we get such an accurate and flawless way of life.It is beyond question that the creator of this endless vast universe creates the mankind. Here one thing to be said is, the atheists are out of my discussion. Because I have no speech for those solid vulgar witted, goosey man who believes there is no creator of this absolute perfect creature.
Anyway, one attribute of the grand creator Allah is sobhan, means flawless, he who makes no fault, who has no drawbacks/ incompleteness, in a word he who is not only flawless but also absolute and unique perfect.Was it unknown to the creator of the mankind that the social being He created needs a flawless code of life without which they bound to live in anarchy? If He does not provide such a system of life to the mankind, He no more remains flawless. Therefore, definitely He provides it. The code of life provided by Allah is known as Din or Din-ul-haq means the true code of life. If man for any reason does not accept and activate this system of life, obviously he has to remake and compile a new way of life that will founded upon the intelligence, merit, knowledge, and experience of man. Because it is impossible for the mankind to live on earth without a code of life.
Hence, it seems, it is compulsory to accept and activate one between these two systems of life. One is Allah given and another one is human brain evolved. There is no way out. Now the question is to know is, the acceptation and activation of which one will provide desired justice, equity, security, happiness and peace in the society? This vital question is answered by the creator Himself. He has said, “Should not He Who has created know? And He is the Most Kind and Courteous (to His slaves) All-Aware (of everything)”. (Sura-Mulk: 14). Have there any answer of this asking? Over and above He said, “…And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given only a little.” (Sura-Bani Esrail: 85). Is it possible for tiny and thin brained man to perform as perfectly as the supreme and super sage Allah?Is it possible for any system of life for the mankind to be more flawless and perfect other than the creator of the incomprehensible universe, who has no defect even an atom worth? Positively not. When we buy a car a book is supplied to us that known as manual. This book provides us the tips and tricks to maintain and use the car properly.
Different instruction like fuel type, number of gear oil, using place of grease, degree of wheel pressure etc. are provided here. We follow those instructions sharply for the maintenance of the car. Because we know and our logic says, those who have made the car are more known than us about its maintenance, i.e. we follow the logic of the verse of Allah for the car just mentioned a little earlier. But amazing matter is when the creator told us, I create you, your mentality, also your brain, so I provide you the system of life with which you can live in absolute security and peace avoiding the injustice, iniquity, torture, insecurity then we reject Him.
Another example is, being sick we go to the doctor. Believing on the doctor with the same logic of before that he understand the body condition better than us, we take his prescribed medicines without any hesitation even though it levels with a danger color ‘poison’.Following we instruction of the doctor we cures rather than any damage. Here the matter to be focused is, both the maker of the car and the doctor are human being like us. It is very natural to make fault by them, nevertheless we follow their guide without any argument and apply them in respective field as well. But we reject the code of life of the perfect creator Allah who is above of all faults and follow the systems made ourselves. As a result, the whole mankind is restless and unstable today. Every facets of life like social, political, judicial suffer with the upshot of injustice; the whole mankind is laden with man to man conflict and bloodshed. What kind of logic is this?
There is only two ways in front of the mankind. One is the flawless and absolute perfect system of life by the lord creator that will provide us almost secured and peaceful life killing all types of unrest, iniquity, injustice, insecurity, crime, conflict, and bloodshed.This very outcome of system is introduced by the creator as Islam, means peace.Second way is to obey manmade system of life rejecting the system of the creator. As I mentioned earlier, it is impossible for the social being man to survives on earth without any system or way of life.
It is very natural not to be this manmade way of life correct and flawless; thus its obvious outcome will be unrest, iniquity, anarchy, injustice, conflict, bloodshed and insecurity. Now the mankind has adopted the second way. Different community and nation of the world has now followed different ways of life and fall into the situation already mentioned.
The individual application of different types of system of life has done consecutively. All the experiment with monarchy, dictatorship, socialism, and communism has been finished. All goes futile. Now most of the countries are under the treatment of capitalist democracy. Its outcome also appears in front of us. Today the whole world is replete with much more unfair and injustice than previous one or two centuries. The discrimination of rich and poor is too much evident. The magnitude of conflict and bloodshed is much higher. Billions of people have been casualties in two world war of the last century. It will be difficult to find a single day of this new century occurring no war and bloodshed anywhere of the world. In such a situation of the mankind after the miscarriage of all the system of life, we the Hezbut Tawheed call forth all the mankind to accept and establish the creator’s system of life which is the only assured way of peace and security.
Here generally a question may arise, “what is the proof and logic that life will be under justice, equity, and security applying and establishing the system of life by the creator?” Logic provides by the creator himself that has no argument against. He has said, “Should not He Who has created know? And He is the Most Kind and Courteous (to His slaves) All-Aware (of everything)”. (Sura-Mulk: 14). There have further evidence too. It is now just the history that what was the outcome of establishing the system of life brought by the last messenger of Allah in case of two topmost part of life as security and economics.
In case of security it can say, unique and complete security was established. Man doesn’t feel to close door at night, resources fallen on the way remains as usual, theft, robbery, murder, plundering was almost uprooted; no criminal case filed in court for months. Every man became solvent in financial sectors. The solvency of people reached such a height that there found hardly any man to receive the zakah, alms (sadakah). Failed to donate zakah in city and town, man travels to the deep desert looking for a receiver. That is history. Any manmade system of life is failed to provide even a fraction of it.
The very first thing needs to live a peaceful individual and social life is the security of life and resource. After that consecutively comes the equity of economics, politics, society etc. To make a profound realization on how the system of life of Allah has put forward its gravity and priority on the security of life, one exemplary event is mentioned:
Once upon a time the last messenger of Allah, the carrier of way of life of the lord, Mohammad (sm.) sat leaned upon the wall of holy kaba. That was the time of extreme obstruction, indescribable torture and violence over the followers of the messenger including him. Suddenly one of the companion of the messenger said, “O, the prophet of Allah! This torture and persecution has gone out of tolerance. Please pray to Allah for the destruction of our opponents.” The event and speech onward proves how gravity the messenger of Allah has put forward with this comments of his follower. He (sm.) seat up straight from leaned position and said, “What do you say?” The companion repeats his speech. Listening that,the messenger of Allah (sm.) said, “Listen, Time is coming very soon, a young lady wearing ornaments in body will go from Sana to Hajramauth alone. There will no fear in her mind except the Allah and wild animals.”(Hadis- from Khabbab (ra.), Bokhary and Meshkat). There have some very important point here to be noted.
Firstly, the messenger of Allah has mentioned about a female rather than a male. Cause is, other than the danger of life and wealth one more thing has the risk to lose for a female that is honor and dignity. Secondly, the female is young is age, i.e. more alluring to look at. Thirdly, wearing ornaments, which is more covetable to thief or robber to be attracted. Considering all those risks to go from Sana to Hajramauth about three hundred miles of distance which takes at least several weeks, the messenger of Allah said there remains no tension of risk at all, except the Allah and wild animal. Fourthly, the point to be focused is, the messenger has not only assured the security of the way but also any kind of apprehension of danger. Just imagine, in which condition of a society a young lady become so secure in such circumstances?
This instance shows the clear cut and vast difference of the real goal of present system of life with the past. The goal of the real Islam is to ensure the peace, happiness, security, progress of mankind, in contrary the current conventional Islam’s aim is to pray timely, pay zakah, perform hazz, fasting, maintaining face-fungus, wearing long cloth and short pant etc. If there remain a little bit possibilities of being true in the current aim of Islam, surely the messenger (sm.) said, very soon time is coming when man will role in mosque, performing hazz, fasting, maintaining long beard, collectively calling Allah, and use long cloth with short pant, ignoring the matter of unprecedented security.
What upshot appears in front of us today in different place of the earth where brain produced manmade system of life has adopted and established rather than the creator’s? Let’s consider the 1st one i.e. the security of life and wealth.
It gradually goes to the dogs everywhere of the world keeping the same pace with time. Rich developed countries respectively tried hard and soul to bear down or at least keep in control all types of crime like murder, wound, banditry, kidnapping, rape, cheating.
They spend billions of dollars for the development of police, intelligence, forensic science etc. and also for the invention of different technology to repress crime; but the result backs to square one. The criminals move with the same face in association with the technological development, with the increasing number of personnel of law and order enforcing agencies as well. Underdeveloped and developing countries also failed to achieve any mentionable advancement against the criminal circles with their poor and lower category technology. In such countries the extent of crime is increasing drastically with the developed countries.
Let’s take a glimpse on the outcome of applying and establishing the way of life in a portion of mankind from the creator by the last messenger of Allah. He who is reading my book now, is a humble request to imagine a society of several millions of populace. Just think, it is such a society where anyone can manufacture and store any number of weapons without any license. Again let, there haven’t any law and order applying agencies i.e. police in that society. There haven’t any prisons to keep thousands of people arrested. Only a few small prison cells have in large cities; but the society is almost crime free. Criminal cases are almost absent is courts. Thinking such a society is impossible for us. But my petition is, it is the history which you even failed to envision. Such condition was available several of years in the society from the creation of a nation by the messenger of Allah to the deviation from its ideal and also during the starting time of fall. In spite of the absence of controlling weapon owning, manufacturing, selling and also the police as well, the magnitude of crime was about to nil. How such an unimaginable condition was made? The only reason is, they have adopted and applied the system of life of the creator in their national and personal life rejecting all other manmade systems, i.e. they conducted their life depending on the principle of La elah ellalah, means no other code of life is acceptable other than Allah.
Those who have no faith on the almighty and unlimited sage Allah can bring an argument that ‘perhaps such code of life was adopted in that condition of the society 1400 years back and such unbelievable result comes out. In a complicated condition of life and the advancement of science and technology like today, that old way of life will be failed to demonstrate the same result. So now man has to create system of life with their thought and we are doing so.’ For them my answer is, many subject changes depending with circumstances. Many turn invalid and digressive. But some remains eternal, immutable, universal and static. If we forcefully blow one to nose, he will be blooded; it has been happened thousand years back, happening now and will be happened the same in future. No exception of the case exists. The harmful outcome in life for the adaptation of the interest based capitalism in economic sector that has been happened thousand years back, is happening now and will be happened the same venomed result in future. The power of burning of the fire is same now as before and will obviously be the similar in far future. Many such thinks are unchanged and static natural rules. The greatest sage Allah has founded the last code of life on such static and universal things that will remain unchanged in the rest of the lifetime of the earth. That is why; this din is called din-ul-fitrat i.e. natural way of life “…Allah’s Fitrah (i.e. Allah’s Islamic Monotheism), with which He has created mankind. No change let there be in Khalq­illah (i.e. the code of Allah Islamic Monotheism), that is the straight path, but most of men know not” (Quran: Sura: Rum-30). He has established all the rules and regulations, do and don’ts of the code of life on that static natural rules so carefully that there remains no need to change anywhere in the rest of the life time of the whole mankind. Dependable rules like other ways of life previously sent on space, time and circumstances failed to take place in this system of life rather than the static one.
Therefore if we active this code of life now the result will be the same of 1400 years back and remains same in far future. Here one thing has to keep in mind, the code of life that I mentioned earlier and the religion familiar as Islam is not same thing. I am talking about that very real Islam which was sent by Allah to the earth through his last messenger (sm.). (Request has made here to study my other books). Have there any other alternative to test other than applying and establishing the din i.e. system of life from Allah after the fiasco of all manmade system and ism?
The method to make our ideal effective
Without any circumlocution my straight answer in case of selecting the method of work is, that very specific method applied 1400 years ago by the messenger of Allah. And that way is balag (reach the call of us) i.e. reaching the ideal to every person. That is to say, whatever I mentioned earlier is make others understand. Make them understand that, there is no alternative option to survive in the earth in complete security, happiness, proper economic system, free form unrest, injustice, conflict, bloodshed without the way of Allah. If we will able to explain them properly and make realizing to adopt it, the outcome will be peace and prosperity. This very situation is called Islam, literally known as peace. The messenger of Allah has followed that way. 13 years of his life passed away to invoke man, reaching balag (reach the call of us) to them. In these 13 years of time he with his followers (companion unanimous with his ideal) passes their time only for proclamation.
In this time their opponents i.e. who doesn’t agree to obey the rules of Allah have continued indescribable torture, persecution on them just like now what have done with us. Some of them were killed as some killed of us now. But the messenger and his followers endured all rather than counter-stroke. We also are tortured for last 16 years and similarly we never hit back.
If the society, nation do not response with our call then we have nothing to do. We are too little in number. We can do nothing but call them and try to make them understand, and we do not do else. Cause is no pressure goes with human mind. So the Allah said to the messenger, “Verily! You (O Mohammad SAW) guide not whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He knows best those who are the guided” (Sura: Kasas-56). Being the follower of the messenger of Allah we are only reaching our speech i.e. only making balag (reach the call of us). Our opponents i.e. those who doesn’t wish to see the application of the system of life by Allah in national level, are much powerful. They are million times higher in all sides such as number, power, print and electronic media publicity, than a very small poor party of few members like us. On the other hand all the media, daily, weekly, monthly newspapers, online papers, radio, television procures one sided lie against us, such a lie which are far away form a little bit true. We sent protest letter against their lie when the newspapers, radio and TVs makes a false report. Following the same procedure we have sent the protest letter several times requesting them for the correction of their lie. Not only that, the workers of our movement have gone to different newspapers office several times and explain them how lie they have spread but they never confess their fault without two little exception in the 16 years life time of our movement. Behind the signboard of different pompous slogan like ‘sotter sondhane nirbhik’, ‘path onek amra sotter pothe’, ‘Osonkach prokashe duronto sahos’, ‘Anshik noy puro sotti’, ‘Nitir prosne aposhin’, ‘karo tabedari kore na’, ‘Your right to know’, ‘True and Impartial’, etc. these pretender of conscience of nation are making a contrasting lie and when the sufferer protests against their lie they lose the honest valor to express the truth. In spite of informing them about their lie, they are doing the same thing again and again. Not only making lie, they influence the administration with propaganda for harassing, torturing, and persecuting us.
Now the whole world is under the experiment and observation of democracy, its advantages and disadvantages. Believing the supporter of democratic ideology, the main mass media and almost all of the countries of the world shouts with freedom of speech, thought, and expression.
Our country is not the exception. Inspiring with this ideology they haven’t resist other systems of life with entirely different sovereignty like the socialism, fascism, monarchy, moreover they help them. Yet, when we tried to spread the system of life based on the sovereignty of the lord, which was practically able to provide peace and security, the democratic claimers forgot their ideology stealthy. Not only this, hundreds of the armed lefty parties of the country have killed thousands of peoples barbarously, still they kills, they also make plundering of government weapon, kidnapping, terrorism, hooliganism, killed many of law and order protecting personnel; even about them the media is not so clamorous. The parties unanimous with the ideology of democracy also perform such crimes openly. But the party that never violet rules, perform any crime that is Hezbut tawheed, in its life time, the mass Medias expressed nonstop lie against them and badly influences the administration and general people using different incitement false word like terror, secret, militant etc.
We have no other alternative without best effort to reach our ideology to people with our several small books and handbills. Influencing by the non-stop, one sided, false of huge large media, the whole nation, people of all spheres, administration and even the judicial personnel are draws a false picture of us. They have failed to learn the truth about us.
But we have no other alternative to do. We must continue our little effort in this unequal competition against the super powerful lie. With the love of Allah we never deviated from our principle in the last 16 years i.e. form the initiation of our movement.
In the mean time we don’t violet any discipline, perform not a single crime. But astonishing matter is, influencing with the huge mass media the law and order protection department has filed 196 cases against us. Due to our innocence we have released one by one from them. Failed to punish us the governance department has filed different types of false cases like revel against country, terrorism, arm and explosion goods conservation, foreign relation destructor, stealing, cheating, attack on religious feeling etc. Since we do not have all these, not a single worker of us proved to be criminal till now. After all, the judge can’t take a wrong decision against us influencing with media. Therefore, in spite of those 196 false cases, Hezbut tawheed is success on truth, brilliant and fulgent. No party is capable claiming not to perform any crime in 16 years including even the law and order enforcing agencies. It is the unique pride of only the Hezbut tawheed.
We have to pay and still are paying more for the legal and moral defeat of the false based media and their influenced powerful administration of the government against such a true little movement. Hundreds of our workers have insulted by the administration, arrested, jailed, suffered from indescribable torture in remand. Such a manner we have to pay for this unparallel competition. Many workers of us uprooted from their paternal homestead, plunders many treasury, dwelling places are fired, hundreds of workers business has spoiled, many lost their job, their families financially suffered for months and still it happens. Thus we are paying for our legal and moral win.
What could the possible result of this unparallel competition of us? Possibly man will be able to realize our call, balag (reach the call of us) and accept it. Then they will apply and functionally use the system of life of the super sage creator of this huge universe Allah rejecting the systems of too little brained and wise (Sura: Bani-Esrail-85) human being.
Or, rejecting our call they will remain as usual with unrest, injustice, iniquity, insecurity, turmoil, conflict, war, and bloodshed. Whatever the result may be, our hard and soul effort (Jehad) never stops. We will continue this effort being stable and firm on the principle of not performing any crime and violating rules. Enshallah, we never deviate from the principle and ideal (Sunnah) of the last messenger of Allah (sm.).
Three things are essential for the power and predominance over other. Viz. Finance, Media and Military might. He who has owned these three will dominate the world. Nobody is unknown that all of these three are now possessed by the western world that is Judeo- Christian civilization i.e. dajjal (Request have been made to study my book “Dajjal! Judeo-Christian civilization” to know more about the Dajjal.).
This western kingdom controls the finance and media of the whole world and of course the military might as well. Source of all types of news for the developing and under developed countries is the news agencies of the developed world, i. e. western power. Influencing with the news, ideology, and opinion of that source, the media of under developed and developed countries published those. All of these news agencies of west are under the complete control of Jews. Under developed and developing countries expressed the ideologies that the Jews wished to propagate. The thought and belief that the agencies of western power wished to make with people of the under developed and developing countries, is done by this emulative media. Thus the western media directly or indirectly controls the mentality and culture of orient. It is not the last, the obedient and footprint follower media of the west is now so powerful that the government shits on the pant when media make a fire look or threat them.
All three power of finance, media and military might is now possessed by the western world that is Judeo- Christian civilization i.e. dajjal.
Strengthen with this power the dajjal controls the world such a way that he can does whatever he likes. This picture was prophesized by the messenger of Allah 1400 years before. He said, “The Dajjal’s power and influence will encompass the world’s water and earth. The surface of the world will be covered by it as skin on an animal’s back.”(from Masnad-e-Ahmed, Haqeem and Dar-ul-Nushr). Today all of these prophecies have come in true to the point.
Due to accepting the pattern of life of dajjal rejecting the systems of Allah influencing with the non-stop false propaganda of dajjal controlled mass media, the muslim majority countries, some of which has 98% Muslims now overwhelmed with injustice, iniquity, unfair, conflict, war and bloodshed in a word leading a unsecured life. Only one power is available to our Hezbut tawheed against the mighty dajjal, the owner of finance, media, and devastating military might. That is Allah, Who said “…but Allah will not allow except that His Light should be perfected even though the Kaferun (disbelievers) hate (it)” (Sura: tawba-32) and He further said, “…And All-Sufficient is Allah as a Witness” (Sura: fatah-28). Hasbunallah, Only the Allah is enough.


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