President Obama’s birth certificate -I know, but don’t skip this one sheep!

May 12, 2013 Always remember all you sheep have been shown the truth!

Not Natural Born — TRUTH MATTERS
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s cold case posse has confirmed that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is “definitely fraudulent,” prompting the media and political establishment to launch a frenzied spin campaign in an effort to deflect attention from the astounding new evidence uncovered by the investigation.
Also Watch for proof, below video
In addition to the deluge of previous evidence clearly proving Obama’s long form birth certificate had been tampered with, including the fact that when analyzed the document clearly shows that layered text has been added in artificially and that the scan of the document is not an original, Arpaio and his posse unearthed tantalizing new information.
The most stunning revelation is the fact that in numerous places, Obama’s birth certificate has had information added at a later date than the original.
The posse was able to obtain the original 1961 coding guide used to fill in the birth certificates at the exact time Obama’s document was filed. For example, when describing the “race of father,” the number 9 on the coding guide indicates “unknown or not stated.”
The number 9 appears on Obama’s birth certificate in section 9 entitled “race of father.” This means that the race of Obama’s father was unknown or not stated at the time the original birth certificate was filed. However, the box also contains the word “African,” which was not even used as a descriptive term at the time. The fact that the document contradicts itself in that it denotes the “race of father” as not stated but then also “African” clearly indicates that “African” was added in at a later date.

The same error can be found in box 12b, “kind of business or industry,” which is also marked with a number 9 to denote ‘not stated’ yet also contains the word “University,” again clearly suggesting the document was tampered with at a later date.
Sheriff Arpaio has now promised to elevate the issue to a higher authority within the federal government.
“Although I am having a difficult time deciding who to forward this information to given the fact that the obvious choices report directly to the president, I cannot stand by and hold on to information that threatens to weaken national security,” said Arpaio.
If you’re wondering how the media and the political establishment will respond to this latest bombshell evidence that Obama’s background is completely fraudulent, look no further than two of the individuals featured in a Fox 10 news report.
Instead of attempting to respond to the astounding facts about the fraudulent nature of the birth certificate unearthed during the investigation, critics resorted to emotional manipulation.
Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods labeled the issue “an absolute joke” and questioned why Arpaio would even look into the matter, before falsely claiming that most conservatives had “given up on this issue,” when in reality polls show that a majority of likely Republican voters believe that Obama was born in another country. Woods also labeled the matter “fake” and “offensive,” relying on the use of emotive words rather than challenging the facts surrounding the suspect birth certificate.
Democrat Paul Penzone, who is running against Arpaio for Maricopa County Sheriff, also displayed a jaw-dropping disregard for irony when he responded to the new evidence by stating, “I feel like it’s groundhog day, I’m hearing the same thing over and over again but you’re not going to convince me otherwise – I don’t want to hear any more.”
In other words, ‘my mind’s already made up – don’t bother me with the facts.’
“The media has demeaned this investigation at every turn as silly and wasteful,” said Lisa Allen, MCSO spokesperson. “We simply ask right now that you put your preconceived notions about this listen to the facts and if you can keep an open mind.”
However, none of the criticism of the investigation has dared to address the facts because they cannot be shot down. Instead, opponents of Sheriff Arpaio have cast aspersions about political motivations behind the investigation while others have resorted to name calling and petty jibes.
No matter what spin the media and political establishment attempt to put on this, the facts cannot be denied. President Obama’s birth certificate betrays innumerable instances clearly indicating that the document has been tampered with in an effort to manufacture the myth that Obama was born in the United States.
The manifestly logical conclusion that he was not creates an urgent national security threat and represents one of the biggest cover-ups in U.S. political history.
YouTube video purporting to show Obama admitting he is not a U.S. citizen far from the truth

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Forget a birth certificate from Hawaii. Forget the fact that two Hawaiian newspapers published notices of his birth from 1961. A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll released Aug. 4, on Obama’s 49th birthday, found that 27 percent of Americans still think Barack Obama was probably or definitely not born in the United States.

So what should we make of an e-mail that sends readers to a YouTube video in which Obama blandly states that he was born in Kenya?

“Obama admits he is not a citizen — read before this is pulled,” the e-mail says. “Unbelievable!!!!!” “Why has he not been impeached?” “The amazing part of this travesty is Americans continue allowing themselves to be ruled by an illegal alien.”

The 11-minute video, which has been online since May 2, is titled “Not Natural Born — TRUTH MATTERS.” It starts with a 30-second clip of Obama speaking before a group of adults. It begins in mid-sentence: ” . . . that maybe I’m not an American citizen. Some people said he has a forged birth certificate. Well, first of all, it’s true I’m not an American. I was not born in Hawaii. I wasn’t born in the United States of America. I come from Kenya.”

If you listen closely, you can hear bad editing. The volume and sound quality of his voice change at key points, such as between “it’s true I’m not” and “an American.” The video never shows his lips where he makes his key admissions, so you can’t see if his lips are in sync with what he’s saying. And his audience offers no reaction to what should be a stunning admission.

So where did that portion of the video come from? The logo at the bottom of the video reads, which takes you to a YouTube humor channel that features seven videos in which Obama’s words have been edited for laughs.

One example is the “Obama DRUNK!” video, where his comments have been slowed to make it sound as if he’s intoxicated and hitting on an audience member.

The YouTube channel makes the intent clear: “This is not ‘political.’ This is just for fun. This is not an ‘Anti-Obama’ site. This is not a ‘Pro-Obama’ site. This is an ‘Obama Humor’ site. . . . All Snippets made with 100% Obama’s voice. No imitations! (That would be too easy.)”

The video in which Obama is heard saying “I’m not an American,” called “Birthers’ Delight – Part 1,” includes a disclaimer indicating that it’s a spoof.

The “Truth Matters” video has stripped away the disclaimer and added background music, perhaps in an attempt to disguise the telltale signs of editing.

There’s one other indication that the Obama “confession” is a hoax. Some anti-Obama sites that have posted the video have included a description beginning, “This video starts out with some content from, which, of course is contrived.” But on the YouTube page, the word “contrived” is not visible, unless a viewer opens the full description box.

However, nothing in the video itself warns viewers that the Obama clip is fabricated and the video includes a photo — proven fake more than a year ago by our friends at — of Obama holding a landline telephone receiver upside down.

By Aug. 4, 2010, the Truth Matters video had been viewed over a million times on YouTube, 176 times more often than the original video, where its humorous nature is clear.

Truth does matter, but not to the makers of the Truth Matters video or to the creators of the “Obama admits” e-mail. We rate them both as Pants on Fire.


2 thoughts on “President Obama’s birth certificate -I know, but don’t skip this one sheep!

  1. Re: “Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s cold case posse has confirmed that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is “definitely fraudulent,” ”

    That was posted nearly a YEAR ago, and nothing has happened since then. There has not been a shred of proof that Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent, much less “definitely fraudulent.” The Cold Case Posse has not even delivered on its long-term promise to announce “universe shattering” evidence in March—which passed more than a month ago.

    It seems that the National Review was right.

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