Worst Super Markets in America!

May 8, 2013 Worst Super Markets in America!
1. Pathmark
Reader Score: 68
Location: DE, NJ, NY, PA
Year Founded: 1968 (purchased by A&P in 2007)
And the winner is…Pathmark! Under A&P’s umbrella, Pathmark received “highly dissatisfied” reviews on service, mediocre reviews on food quality and price, and poor reviews on cleanliness. Among shoppers surveyed, 75 percent had one or more complaints, and 31 percent experienced three or more problems. One customer on Yelp who reviewed the Harlem, New York location went so far as to call Pathmark, “the bane of my existence.” Ouch.
2. Walmart Supercenter
Reader Score: 69
Location: Nationwide
Year Founded:Walmart in 1962/Supercenters in 1988

With currently over 3,000 in the country, Walmart “Supercenters” stock everything from dairy products to home ware. The super stores received scathing reviews on service, a poor review on food quality, a mediocre score on cleanliness and had the highest percentage of shoppers – 32 – who experienced three or more problems. However, they did get a “highly satisfied” score on price. Despite customer complaints, the retail giant continues to expand and open more supercenters across the country.
3. Shaw’s
Reader Score: 69
Location: ME, MA, NH, RI and VT
Year Founded: 1860

Shaw’s received a negative score on price, neutral scores on food quality and service, a just-above-average score on cleanliness, and 20 percent of shoppers said they experienced three or more problems. The supermarket shuttered a number of stores during the recession and eliminated 4 percent of its full-time workforce, and many stores are undergoing remodels and updates. Many reviewers on Yelp complained of slow-moving lines, prices, and selection.
4. A & P
Reader Score: 70
Location: CT, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA
Year Founded: 1859

A&P, once the largest food retailer in the nation, received negative marks on service and price, a neutral review on food quality and “fairly satisfied” on cleanliness. But 22 percent of shoppers surveyed said they experienced three or more problems. The company, which includes supermarkets Food Emporium and Pathmark, filed for bankruptcy in 2010, but has recently come back as a private company with a new management team, new supplier and store renovations.
5. Jewel-Osco
Reader Score: 71
Location: IL, IA, IN
Year Founded: 1899

Jewel-Osco had mediocre ratings in all categories, except price, which fell into the “very dissatisfied” category. Reviews on Yelp are mixed, but the store’s parent company, Supervalu Inc., has struggled during the recession, seeing its stock plummet almost 90 percent from July 2007 to 2012, and laid off 800 workers in February. It recently slashed prices to help drive sales, but the changes don’t seem to be making much of a difference among customers.
6. Tops Markets
Reader Score: 72
Location: NY and PA
Year Founded: 1962

Tops should probably start brainstorming a new name that includes the word “bottom” or “middle.” In the Consumer Reports survey, it fell in line with the same rating as Weis, and reviews hover around 3 stars on Yelp. One reviewer on a Syracuse, NY location reported an odd smell and disorganized shelves, and another in Niagara Falls said she was frequently overcharged at the register.
7. Weis Markets
Reader Score: 72
Location: PA, NJ, WV, MD and NY
Year Founded:1912

Weis Markets received an overall lower score than Ralphs and Stop & Shop, but had the similar ratings within the categories. A quick search on Yelp showed that locations in Lancaster, PA and Odenton, MD had 2.5 stars out of 5, and a location in Chambersburg, PA had a 1.5 star rating. The main complaints were customer service. “Ever wonder why it’s so easy to park at Weis Markets on Wayne Avenue?” wrote one reviewer about the Chambersburg location. “Because no one goes there anymore.”
8. Food Lion
Reader Score: 73
Location: Mid and South Atlantic regions
Year Founded: 1957

Food Lion was mediocre across the board. Customers weren’t even just a little bit satisfied with cleanliness, service, food quality, or price. Originally known as Food Town, Food Lion recently announced it would be closing 113 stores, including all Florida locations, and rethinking their marketing strategy.
9. Pick ‘n Save
Reader Score: 73
Location: WI
Year Founded: 1872

Pick ‘n Save, operated by Roundy’s Supermarkets, fell alongside Ralphs and Stop & Shop – not terrible, but zero positive ratings except in cleanliness. The chain has struggled in recent years as more competitors have opened in nearby areas, and 62 employees at the corporate headquarters in Milwaukee were laid off in 2010.
10. Ralph’s
Reader Score: 73
Location: Southern CA
Year Founded: 1873

Ralphs, a subsidiary of Cincinnati-based Kroger and the oldest supermarket chain in the west, had similar marks as Stop & Shop – mediocre on everything but cleanliness, which was just above average. Ralphs had a strong presence in Northern California for years, but closed down all of their remaining northern locations in 2006.


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