ICIJ is closing in on all their financial accounts

May 3, 2013- Be prepared as stocks will climb to close your eye’s as well as distract what is really happening. Do you wish to become a Wolf or remain a sheep? Your decision will soon depend on your future. Hope all you make the right decision. Your being given a lot of facts to deal with. The truth as well as untruths or as I say (evil ones) fighting to take a side of right or wrong.




We now have absolute proof, from leading world experts, that this being was a living, six-inch-tall humanoid organism.
April 18: Private Military Contractors with Backpacks at Boston Bombing

April 19: Total Media Blackout on FBI Suspects in Marathon Bombing

April 19: “Contractors” Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation
This is a very significant development. People are now brave enough to call in to a television show and reveal their opinions on the air — risking significant trouble, even death, in doing so.May 3, 2013—Like the weather? Great! Guess what your in for many changes, still to come and there not good either. Are you ready to become a Wolf or wish to remain a sheep?


Once enough people know about something, it’s no longer a secret. The Boston bombings are as dirty as it gets.

They happened right as the new LIBOR scandal was about to emerge, right as ICIJ is closing in on all their financial accounts, and right before SIRIUS came out.


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