Boston bombing an Family Guy?

April 28,2013 What’s your opinion on Family Guy and is there a connection to Boston?



Fox pulls ‘Family Guy’ episode referring to deaths at Boston Marathon; no plans to re-air (FULL STORY)
The awesome funny ass Boston Marathon episode on Family Guy that was banned on FOX and YouTube recently.
I saw the episode, this was not a hoax.. pranksters did not edit anything people dont let the media brain wash you!
Ok yes I understand that Israel has broken a ton of laws, however, to be fair so has America and a number of Middle Eastern countries. Heck Iran doesn’t give two sh*ts about what the UN says or the sanctions they place against them. But heed the warning that cutting foreign aid to Israel will result in a collapse of that nation. The Arab nations will unite, destroy the country, and proceed to slaughter Jews and Christians in the streets (ex: look at Egypt now). Israel is tough but not that tough.
Wow. I could kind of see why FOX passed it up, but not even Adult Swim aired this? What kind of sense does that make anyhow? How can something be too adult for ADULT Swim?
In any case, even though I’m not usually into Family Guy, it’s awesome that you managed to get a hold of this so that way people who are fans of the show can see the fruits of Seth and his crew’s labor.
What everyone is not realizing is around 0:12- 0:13 in this video its showing the Louisiana sinkhole (thats constantly growing… LOOK IT UP!) Seems to show how the media leading the sheeps away from the REAL issue thats threathening our lives.
‘Family Guy’ Boston Marathon Episode Pulled After Bombing



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