April 27, 2013 Oldman’s news uppdate today!

                                                    Muslims In US To Wage Jihad
April 27, 2013               

The controversial imam of a prominent mosque in Arlington, Va., has urged immigrant Muslims in the United States to wage war for Islam.

 The enemies of Allah are lining up. The question for us is, are we lining [up] or are we afraid because they may call us terrorists?  Shaker Elsayed told a crowd of Ethiopian Muslims during a lecture at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Va.

 Let me give you the good news: they are already calling us terrorists anyway. Whether you sitting at home, watching TV, drinking coffee, sleeping or playing with your kids, you are a terrorist because you are a Muslim.

 Well, give them a run for their money. Make it worth it. Make this title worth it, and be a good Muslim,  said the Cairo-born Muslim.

 Muslim men when it is a price to pay, they are first in line.   They are the first in the community-service line. They are the first in jihad line,  he declared to applause.

At the end of the imam s incendiary speech, a representative of the Ethiopian group walked to the podium and declared the speech was not calling for jihad.

 Just a disclaimer,  the emcee said.  Imam Shakir, he s not advocating for armed struggle in Ethiopia. He s just simply giving us a lesson. We ll just continue with our non-violent struggle until these guys who are in prison [in Ethiopia] who did not bow down for this repressive government   are free.

Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, the press secretary for the imam s Dar al-Hijrah mosque, did not respond to messages from The Daily Caller.

 If Dar al-Hijrah were like most American religious institutions it would fire Elsayed, but it s not like most religious institutions,  John Rossomando, a researcher at the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

 The mosque operates as a front for Hamas   [and] has the distinction of being connected with more terror plots than just about any other mosque in America,  he said in a statement to TheDC.

Ethiopia is a majority-Christian country and has defended itself from encroaching Muslims armies for more than 1,000 years. Currently, Muslims in Ethiopia s Ogaden region complain that the central government has not given them autonomy.

 Ethiopian muslims are protesting against perceived government interference in their activities   [and] observers fear the latest move by the government would spark protests by muslims in the Horn of Africa country,  said a website run by Badr Ethiopia, an Ethiopian Muslim group.

The group cites the controversial Council on American Islamic Relations as an affiliate.

Elsayed s comments add to his history of controversial statements that match orthodox Islam, but which clash with American culture.

In 1990, for example, The New York Times quoted him saying that the murder of a radical Jewish nationalist in New York was legal under Muslim law.

The murder of rabbi Meir Kahane  was not a violation, in the sense that Kahane adopted a position against all Arabs and Muslims,  said Elsayed, according to the Times.

According to numerous Islamic leaders, Islamic law endorses the use of war to expand the rule of Islam. The law, dubbed Shariah, also endorses the killing of Islam s critics, including poets Christian preachers, and it allows only grudging recognition of non-Islamic governments.

For orthodox Muslims, civilian law is subordinate to Islamic requirements.

That provision has been implemented, at least in part, in Egypt s new 2012 constitution. The constitution was mostly written by legislators in the political party created by the international Muslim Brotherhood organization.

                         New tax coming–The Flu Tax…
Besides the fact that it doesn’t work and carries harmful side effects, Congress is now poised to give you one more reason to avoid taking a seasonal flu vaccine: a 75 cent per-dose tax.

This tax — now being discussed in Congress — will not be put in place to fund a government program to make sure poor children are healthier or for any other reason that could be considered “palatable” by collectivists and other supporters of wealth redistribution. The money will go to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund, a program that absolves Big Pharma of any consequences of the harmful poisons it foists onto an uneducated or often duped public.

This tax, projected to add $100 million annually to a fund with a balance of more than $3.5 billion, is supported by both Democrats and Republicans and certainly Big Pharma. And, by the way, the fund has paid out only $2.5 billion in damages in the 25 years of its existence on claims for all vaccines, despite the thousands of harmful events (including deaths) caused by Food and Drug Administration-approved Big Pharma vaccines.

And just who is it that will get hit with this tax? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continually frightens the elderly and parents with small children with a marketing campaigned that predicts certain death on those who aren’t vaccinated against the seasonal flu, despite the fact that research shows the vaccines are 99 percent ineffective and cause Gillian-Barré syndrome at a rate of one case per 1 million vaccines.

Avoid the flu vaccine at all costs. To avoid the flu, load up on a natural vitamin D supplement. It’s much more effective and safer to boot.

                                                            IMPORTANT INFORMATION

LivingSocial recently experienced a cyber-attack on our computer systems that resulted in unauthorized access to some customer data from our servers. We are actively working with law enforcement to investigate this issue.

The information accessed includes names, email addresses, date of birth for some users, and encrypted passwords — technically ‘hashed’ and ‘salted’ passwords. We never store passwords in plain text.

The database that stores customer credit card information was not affected or accessed.

Although your LivingSocial password would be difficult to decode, we want to take every precaution to ensure that your account is secure, so we are expiring your old password and requesting that you create a new one.
We also encourage you, for your own personal data security, to consider changing password(s) on any other sites on which you use the same or similar password(s).

The security of your information is our priority. We always strive to ensure the security of our customer information, and we are redoubling efforts to prevent any issues in the future.

If you have additional questions about this process, the “Create a New Password” button on LivingSocial.com will direct you to a page that has instructions on creating a new password and answers to frequently asked questions.

We are sorry this incident occurred, and we look forward to continuing to introduce you to new and exciting things to do in your community.

Tim O’Shaughnessy, CEO

Dear Cox Customer:
We know you’re concerned about the availability of KFSM (CBS affiliate) and KXNW (My Network TV affiliate) on Cox’s cable lineup, and I want to reassure you that we’re actively negotiating to continue offering it to our customers. Cox is fighting for you and trying to ensure we are able to continue offering KFSM and KXNW at fair and reasonable terms.
The dispute between Cox and Local TV, KFSM and KXNW’s parent company, is all about how much you, the customer, should have to pay for the ability to see free over the air broadcast TV on your cable lineup. Local TV is holding its signals hostage by refusing to grant Cox permission to offer it unless we agree to pay 300% more than what we currently pay today. We don’t think that’s fair, especially in this economy. In fact, the signals of KFSM and KXNW and all other broadcast stations are available and can be received today with the use of an antenna. Digital TVs with a digital tuner (such as clear QAM TVs) can also tune directly to these signals when paired with an antenna. For more information, click here
We are hopeful we will conclude with a deal to keep Local TV’s programming on Cox’s lineups in the Arkansas communities we serve and continue bringing their signals to Cox customers. We will make sure to keep our customers apprised of the situation and continue to hope for a quick resolution that is reasonable for all parties, most importantly, our customers. For more information, visit Cox.com.

                                                    New Money Due Out In October 2013
f you run a small business, you know the importance of having your employees check bills — especially in denominations of $20 or more — to ensure that you’re being paid with the real deal. This week, the Federal Reserve Board announced that a redesigned $100 bill will begin circulating in October; here’s what you need to know about the new bill.

Federal Reserve officials say that the note has new security features that serve the double purpose of making it easier for the public to authenticate while making counterfeiters’ jobs a little harder.
The Federal government is currently running an outreach campaign to educate the public about the new $100 bills, explaining that the design was unveiled in 2010 but that production of the notes was stopped because of problems producing the bills.
The new notes contain a number of security features not yet included on American currency, among them:

    A three-dimensional, blue security ribbon woven into the fabric of the bill rather than printed.
    Printed very small, “The United States of America” appears on Benjamin Franklin’s collar, “USA 100″ is printed in watermark and “ONE HUNDRED USA” can be seen along the golden quill.
    A security strip printed to the left of Franklin’s face that is only visible when held up to light.
    A liberty bell printed inside of the inkwell on the bill’s face, which changes in color from copper to green when tilted.
    “Intaglio” printing gives the bill a very distinct feel.

To learn more about the new $100 bill or for resources to help you train employees to spot fakes, visit newmoney.gov.


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