Remember Tim James McVey? Let me remind you here!

April 21, 2013- Just scared sheep. Afraid of no government welfare money is all!
Strange day’s indeed, most peculiar momma.
That said (credit John Lennon) Yesterday, for some strange reason I decided to watch a documentary on Ok city bombing, “A noble lie”. When it was finished I went into the living-room, where a documentary on Ok. city bombing was on broadcast TV, but it was just ending. Now I get this email with a link to a documentary on Ok. city bombing, “A noble lie”. Is this an omen?
Normal people have understandable

difficultly wrapping their minds around

the evil of people at the top.

But part of becoming an adult is confronting

the darkness of the world.

If you think “the government would never

do anything like that”, think again.

Their track record is crystal clear.

A Noble Lie The Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995
Oh by the way Timothy James McVey was also killed by your Federal Government so the truth could never come out. Yes, I knew this MAn from years before all this crap was set up by your powers to be.
Watch and judge, But watch as you could learn something! Which I do doubt as I have been trying to preach to all you sheep for years now. Soon this news sites I publish on will be stopped as majority of things done by those in power and control over your lives! Ebjoy and Fight to take America back!


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