April 19, 2013-Dumb ass sheep can’t see what government is doing.

If you have ever seen the movie V For Vendetta, you will have see the scenario where the government causes attacks on its own people to effect total control over them by telling them it was terrorist that perpetrated the attacks. Could fantasy be closer to the truth than we know in the case of the recent attacks in Boston?

Isn’t it odd that only the President and some Senators were the only people sent letters that were intercepted by the FBI that may have had reasons for the Attack? Why wasn’t the media sent any letters from whom ever set off these bombs?

You all were warned that this government would create events to escalate fear in America that would make it very easy to convince the sheeple that marshal law is the only way to catch whatever terrorists they created, and most of the medias and sheeple will believe this even if is becomes so obvious to anyone with the brains God gave an Ice Cube that all the attacks are staged.

Once Marshal Law is Imposed the Government will be able to go door to door and seize all weapons they deem a threat to security and limit or restrict all travel so they can round up all people they see as a threat to their supreme authority.

I feel sorry for all of you who will never believe this could or would ever happen in America. Because you are the ones who will lose freedom for all of us.


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