Time is very short and very soon life will be changed!

           April 18,2013       How many others get attacked like this?
   So much has happened recently involving the 8 men in charge of these what I call publicity stunt killing events. If you look at the Illuminati pyramid of order,what I know to be true is that  the next level up is a group of non-physical entities that called themselves Archons. And the next level is Lucifer and Baphalmaat. I had all of these beings come into my home just as they same way described in the section of prevent alien/demonic attacks, including Humans of the FBI, NSA, CIA and other groups. I am very thankful for this site.
There have been so many people coming in over the last 14 months, it is like Grand Central Station. There was so much happening it was a little bit overwhelming. What I know to be true is that these eight Men or beings, oversee all the terrorist attacks in the United States including 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, the shooting in Connecticut, the Aurora Colorado shootings, the bombing in Boston, the shootings on the college campuses, such as the one in Kentucky and Pennsylvania and all of the others, including the shooting in Arizona where Congress person was shot.
There was so much going on it took a while for me to dissolve all this, it is a little overwhelming when it started in January ’12. It amazes me that these beings devote almost all of their time and energy specifically to creating what I call the publicity stunt killing events. They tried to get me to kill people but that is so out of my personality it was impossible for me to do. They gave up on that long ago.They really can get into some people’s minds and completely transform  personality, unless, you have a strong connection to the Divine. That is really what cleansed the violence programming they wanted me to do. As I look back at this now it’s almost surreal they electrocuted me so many times over 75,000 times and they killed me 54 times. Each and every time when I was out of my body, Mother God would come in and say, “Heaven is not ready for you yet.” And then she would put me back in my body and I would come back to life.
They also put snakes into my body, which was so bizarre, the first time they did it the snake was traveling all through and around my insides. At another time they put 7 snakes inside me at the same time. They all died because of my vibration and connection to the Divine. It was like 34 or 35 total over a period of a few months.
Right after the Arizona shooting I looked at the DNA, of the people responsible for the event and I could clearly see these eight male beings, behind the shooter. These eight nonphysical entities clearly had transformed this man, who was easily pliable, into the killer they wanted him to be, just as they did with others. Unfortunately for me, all eight of these beings came into my home beat me up, used weaponry on me, raped me and then left, only to return and do it all over again.
I came to know their names, as they called themselves, Sigmok, Magog, Gagog, Marduk, and Malphor. I have yet to know the other three names. I have been doing healing work for about 20 years, and I am a student of DNA. I can see people’s DNA, and I have done many readings for people. In a process similar to what I did for the Haitians after about 500,000 of them were murdered in the HAARP attack, I did basically the same thing with these Archons. As so many spiritual teachers have said that our past experiences create who we are today, in an instant I suddenly realized I could do the same thing to these men and I did. I detained them, or arrested them, if you prefer to call it that, and sent them to the Temple of Father God in Heaven. So what happened was they were in my home, doing their usual misdeeds, I had the idea and acted quickly, and sent them on their way. At the time, it was just four of them, the first four names listed. This morning I woke up
at an unusual hour, and that’s when I met Marduk in the kitchen. This time it happened much more quickly. I was very calm, he did not hurt me, he was speaking to me, but since so many people agents mostly, it didn’t occur to me who he was until after he spoke a few sentences and asked me a few questions. And then without even thinking, I did the same thing, created an energy field around him, to detain him, created an energy vortex which pulled him off into the Temple of Father God.
Father God put these five beings into the Uncreated Mass, which to me, is like a closet but when you open the curtain, it is literally like looking into another universe. You can see the faces of the people inside they are like molecules that pop up into regular size.
I know that we are close to the end of duality, because in my past I know this would not have been possible, but now not only is it possible, it seems to be just like a normal event. I’m very grateful for the educate yourself site because not many people walk around talking about walk-ins, walk-through wall technology, or having a bunch of agents who are human and have physical bodies someplace else just show up in your house. I keep asking them do you people ever knock?
I would also like to share that the orgone generators really made their weaponry practically useless. I had so many experiences over the past 14 months and now that I’ve cleared my head, and eliminated all subliminal programs, I can explain to others what is happened clearly and effectively. I would also like to thank all of you for posting information on this group. The people of negative intent have told me that martial law will take effect very soon, but Mother and Father God have told me this is not so. That we are very close to a Celestial event and after that the negative intention people will be completely out of power. I am really looking forward to that day.
Until later, take care and God Bless.


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