Strange news for April 13, 2013 by the old man

April 13, 2013 The happenings in the news for today!

Retired Warren police officer Dale Malesh is now charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct after allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl.

Malesh, of Roseville, was working as a security officer at Warren Woods Tower High School when he met the 16-year-old student.

He was arraigned in the 37th district court Friday afternoon and was placed on a $150,000 bond. His next court date is scheduled for April 25, 2013

Kyle Marshall’s dog was shot by police in July of 2009 at four in the morning. The police were called by Marshall’s girlfriend after they had a fight.
“They shot my dog right on my front porch and then came into my house,” said Marshall. “What rights do you have if you can’t stay in your own house,” he said.
“It was determined their actions were completely justified because they were in fear for their own safety,” said Cassandra Jackson, a spokeswoman for the Tallahassee City Attorney.
As per usual police procedure when they kill dogs or people, they charged Mr. Marshall, the victim, with 2 counts of aggravated assault. The charges were later dropped, and Mr. Marshall sued. The city settled for $25,000. More here and here.
These are the same officers notoriously known for the death of Rachel Hoffman, a drug informant under their care that ended up murdered, among other acts of misconduct.
West Valley narcotics officers stole evidence, audit finds

Violent crimes in Yuba City rose nearly 11 percent in 2012, according to recently released analysis.

The Yuba City Police Department’s 2012 annual report shows a 10.48-percent increase in violent crimes and a 9.41-percent increase in property crimes compared to the previous year.

“The rise in (violent and property) crimes was our most significant increase over the past year,” police spokeswoman Shawna Pavey noted Friday. “Any increase in is a concern for the Police Department.”

Pavey noted the percentages do not paint the most accurate picture of crime in Yuba City. In 2012, officer took 232 violent crime reports, compared to 210 the year prior.

“The total number of additional violent crimes is 22,” Pavey said. “That number is not a large number, but since we had a total of 210 violent crimes the year before, the percentage raised significantly.”

Compared to the rest of the state, Pavey said, Yuba City remains a safe community.

In 2011, the most recent data available, California reported about 4.11 violent crime victims per 1,000 residents. In Yuba City, the ratio stands at 3.4 per 1,000. Still, police agreed the increase is troubling.

Officials said the state’s Prison Realignment Program was a “contributing factor” in the spike.

State officials, however, have insisted it is still too soon to attribute a rise in criminal activity to the 2011 realignment program.

Under the controversial Realignment Act, criminals convicted of “nonviolent, nonsexual, nonserious” felonies are now sentenced serve time to county jails, instead of state prisons. Additionally, those offenders are now supervised following their release by county probation departments, instead of state parole officers.

The Yuba City report also indicates violent and property crimes have increased steadily for the last three years.

Fatal traffic collisions remained about on par with 2011, rising from three to four, the report states.

Drunken-driving arrests climbed slightly from 186 in 2011 to 191 last year.

Elsewhere, hit-and-run collisions spiked by more than 20 percent, from 90 in 2011 to 111 last year.

However, reports of collision-related property damage fell by more than half, from 61 reports in 2011, to 30 last year.


A Fayetteville woman faces multiple felony charges after police found her four children in a locked apartment, running around naked in conditions the officers described at “squalid” with human feces on the floors.
Stacey Graham, 26, was booked in the Washington County Detention Center on Friday night and has a bond of $5,000, according to the Sheriff’s Department website. Graham’s four children, aged 1 to 5, were placed with the Department of Human Services.
Graham faces four charges of first-degree endangering the welfare of a minor and for first-degree criminal mischief, according the website.
A preliminary police report said Fayetteville police responded to a welfare check call from a teacher of one of the children. Police found the door at the apartment on the 1100 block of South Curtis Avenue locked but obtained a key from the landlord, the report said.
The officers reported that, upon entering the apartment, they saw four naked children running around and immediately noticed a “very foul smell,” the report said. The officers said they saw human feces, food, trash and dirty clothes in the living room, the report said.
The officers said each room of the apartment was in similar condition and one child’s room had a steak knife on the floor, the report said. The officers said they found a trash can in the bathroom that was apparently being used as a urinal, the report said.
The report said the children’s grandmother arrived to clothed the children, who were later placed with DHS. A neighbor said she had not seen the children’s mother, identified as Graham, since Thursday evening but had received a text Friday morning asking her to watch the children, the report said.
Officers later found Graham walking on Huntsville Road, and she told police that she had left the children in care of her neighbor when she had left at 6 a.m. Friday, the report said. When asked how the neighbor was supposed to do that when the door was locked, Graham told officers the neighbor would “listen in” on the children, the report said.
Embattled Sallisaw Police Chief Shaloa Edwards is now facing an embezzlement charge.
A felony warrant was issued for Edwards’ arrest Friday (April 12) on one count of embezzlement of public money carrying a $3,000 bond, according to court documents. The arrest warrant was filed in LeFlore County after the Sequoyah County district attorney recused himself from the case, Sallisaw City Manager Bill Baker said. Now, the case is being handled by LeFlore County district attorney Jeff Smith.
“Case was reviewed and it was determined that the chief had committed an act of embezzlement by virtue of his office,” Smith said. “Apparently he used funds that were petty cash funds that were public funds for personal use. That’s against the law.”
Edwards turned himself in to Sallisaw police the same day, and was booked and released from the Sequoyah County Jail.
The charge stems from an investigating into the police department’s cash box after Edwards admitted to taking small amounts of money on three occasions for personal use, according to Sallisaw Mayor Shannon Vann.
Edwards returned the money and was essentially using it to make small purchases such as lunch, according to Baker.
“The money that was taken from a city account,” Smith explained. “It’s public money it’s a petty cash fund but nonetheless it’s public monies. It would be no different than if I decided to use money from my own office which don’t belong to me. They belong to the state of Oklahoma for personal use.”
Kenny Howell, who lives in Sallisaw, said he was surprised to hear about the arrest.
“I’ve lived here all of my life,” Howell said. “I’ve known Shaloa and his whole family my entire life. It just kind of blows me away. I mean it just seems kind of petty.”
A River Valley anesthesiologist was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office. Now, the Arkansas Medical Board says his medical license is under question.
Brett Whatcott, 48, of Fort Smith, was arrested during a traffic stop by Arkansas State Police on Tuesday (April 9), according to a Crawford County Sheriff Ron Brown.
Whatcott bonded out of jail Tuesday night, Brown said. Now, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating the incident.
Whatcott was listed as an anesthesiologist on both the Sparks Regional Medical Center and Summit Medical Center websites. As of Thursday (April 11) evening, he has been removed from both of those websites.
A woman who says she worked with Whatcott for several years was very surprised when she heard the news.
“I’ve known him for many years and he is an incredibly knowledgeable doctor,” she said. “His patients have always loved him.”
Donna Bragg, a spokesperson for Sparks Health System, says the hospital uses a third-party called EmCare to contract anesthesiologists. Summit Medical Center also uses EmCare to contract their anesthesiologists.
EmCare told 5NEWS that they are investigating the case, but that no other information is available.

Benton County deputies arrested a Rogers man following an undercover investigation into a child pornography ring.
Jesse Green, 18, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of distributing, possessing or viewing matter depicting sexually explicit conduct involving a child. He remained in the Benton County Jail on Thursday night awaiting a bond hearing, according to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.
The Sheriff’s Office Cyber Crimes unit began working an undercover operation in March while trying to locate suspects sharing child pornography. An investigation found a computer in Rogers that was disseminating child pornography through a file-sharing program, said Sgt. Dennis Schumacher with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.
Detectives executed a search warrant on the property and found the storing and sharing of multiple child pornography images on the computer, Schumacher said.


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