April 7, 2013- What’s up Amerika?


California in Crisis’ details Wells Fargo’s damage to California’s communities of color

“According to the study, of the 65,466 loans in California’s foreclosure ‘pipeline’, 20 percent of them are serviced by Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo has nearly 12,000 distressed loans. If those loans go through foreclosure, California will suffer even more than it already has.

“Homes will lose 22 percent of their value for a total loss of $1.07 billion. Surrounding neighborhood values will go down for an additional loss of $2.2 billion, and the tax revenues lost due to depreciation will amount to $20 million. The report includes maps for seven big cities, focusing on communities of color. Clusters of homes with distressed loans are located in hard hit communities of color.”


On April 5th, 2013, Oakland police were notified of an alleged burglary in progress in West Oakland, California.
While information about the incident is still emerging, OPD has stated that one of the suspects was carrying a fake gun and did not know police were setting up a perimeter around the house. He was subsequently shot in the shoulder by an officer as he attempted to leave the area.
This is the 2nd OPD officer-involved shooting this week. On the evening of April 3rd, an Oakland officer shot an innocent teenager in the face while investigating an armed robbery in downtown Oakland. The teenager’s jaw and cheek were grazed, but his injuries are not considered life-threatening. OPD has since stated that the minor and his friends were not involved in a crime.
Police officers have the right to defend themselves, just like anybody else. However, it will be interesting to see if the suspect shot today posed any threat to the officers. If he didn’t aim the gun at anyone, OPD’s standard procedure is to order the person to drop the weapon and to submit to arresting officers.
Fortunately, video of the incident will ultimately reveal what, if any, threat the suspect posed. All Oakland police are required to wear and activate their PDRD video cameras during police stops. If the officers involved in today’s shooting were following PDRD procedure, their cameras should have been rolling.
One thing that should raise alarm is the fact that OPD were advised to keep any mention of the shooting off the radio.
This silence may be because the Oakland Police Department, like the Berkeley Police Department and countless others, controls the message after they shoot someone.


JACKSONVILLE, Ark. They lined the streets in Jacksonville Saturday honoring American heroes from a war 50 years ago.

The Jacksonville Museum of Military History hosted “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.” The event included a parade, an Honor and Remembrance Ceremony and dinner on the museum grounds.

American Legion Post 74 Commander R.D. Kinsey says it’s one way to give Vietnam veterans the respect they deserve, respect they did not receive in the midst of the war.

“It’s just a testimony to the fact that now America is starting to wake up that Vietnam Veterans paid a major sacrifice pertaining to even the freedom and democracy that this country is enjoying today,” said Kinsey.

Retired Lt. General Kicklighter served as the keynote speaker at the event. THV 11’s Liz Massey emceed the afternoon parade.

In 2012, congress declared March 30th as nationwide Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.



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