April 7, 2013- Mayflower, Arkansas Exxon Oil Spill Truth is now open to all!

      April 7, 2013, Freedom of movement in America? Not even in your neighborhood!

Disaster? Yes, a real nasty disaster at that. Since this crude oil breakage reporters are even told to stay clear and of course that won’t keep some people from reporting what is really happening. Your will see national news as well as area flyers taking photos. Also will be a few sneak and hide and these photos will disturb you to learn that there pumping the spill into the lake. Of course without your knowledge. Well, until now that is. Someone wants you to stay away for your safety or is it to hide what is happening. Your an adult and no one has the right to keep you away from your own property if you wish to protect it or even if the safety measures may be life threatening. It’s your choice to die over what is yours and it’s also your life. Some sheep find doing as told is best, while free people do what they feel is right. Your choice as well as to judge why these photos would not have been here without a free people saying I want the truth! The truth is now shown, the rest of course is up to you!



Aerial Video of Mayflower Oil Spill;

Exxon won’t pay into cleanup fund because oil spilled in Arkansas isn’t “oil”
Ok, Arkansas as well of the rest of the world if this is not oil, then what would you call it?
egally speaking, diluted bitumen like the heavy crude that’s overrun Mayflower, Arkansas, is not classified as ‘oil’. And it’s that very distinction that exempts Exxon from contributing to the government’s oil spillage cleanup fund.




We have reports that because Exxon had already partially destroyed this wetland, they pumped diluted bitumen spilled in other areas here to get it all in one place and keep it out of sight of the media. We went in anyway.



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