Straight or Bi-sexual-GAY, Also a hater? Well then read…

 April 6, 2013                     Haters

I keep seeing a war between gay people and gay haters on here. While religion always seems to be a focal point for the latter, the gays have some pretty idiot ideas themselves. I feel compelled to set the record straight, pardon the pun, for both sides.A message to the same gender inclined:
You face a lot of abuse from people for your lifestyle and i know how daughting, exhausting, and angry that abuse can make you feel. However, becoming just like those that persecute you only further perpetuates the problem, and makes you just as bitter and pathetic as your abusers are. When faced with blatant abuse or violence, prove the love you say you’re capable of by forgiving them and showing them the kindness and acceptance you feel you deserve. Pay it forward. Forcing acceptance through pre- emptive attacks, your own brand of abuse, or forced laws will not help your cause in the least. Also, stop calling anyone who doesn’t accept your lifestyle a “hater”, “homophobe”, “religious freak”, “ignorant”, etc. Like any other lable, there are times it truly applies and times it doesn’t. There are good and bad people in any group. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you, religiously or otherwise, doesn’t nessearily mean any of those things. Just because someone doesn’t agree with or accept homosexuality, doesn’t mean they hate, condemn, or judge you. It means they don’t like what you do. They may even love you and disagree with you. Again, sometimes the terms fit but not always. Don’t let your anger and hurt do the very thing you claim to abhor.

A message to the gay haters:
If you don’t like what someone else does, that’s fine, but where do you get off thinking you have the right to tell anyone how to live? If you want to be consumed in hatred for something that has nothing to do with you, go ahead. No one’s trying to stop you, but the last time i checked this is still America, and here in America people are free to choose for themselves. Don’t like those girls holding hands, don’t look. Don’t like gay marriage vote against it. Live and let live. What two consenting adults do is their business, not yours. Focus on your life.

A message to the “hating christians”:
The very term “hating christian” is an oxy moron. If you knew the first thing about Jesus, he commanded love. Not just for “righteous” people, but everyone. He Himself hung out with lepers, whores, and tax collectors. He took a thief to heaven with Him from the cross. The only thing God openly says He hates is divorce and sin. If you don’t have this information straight in your mind, you are not a Christian, pure and simple. Stop claiming a God who does not condone your actions. He alone is the judge. He condemns homosexuality like any sin. Yes, He will judge and condemn those who reject Him or His teachings and embrace sinful acts. Who are you to think you live cleanly enough to handle that for Him? All of us are sinners. The only thing that separates the sinful from a Christian is a belief and practice in repentance. Guess what, judgement befalls you as well. Also, the bible does not tell us to kill sinners. If you read it, you may notice that when that happened, it’s because that was a custom of the era, not a law. You cannot find one scripture where God would have you murder in His name with His consent. Don’t believe me, look it up and read it within context. There is a difference between law and custom. Point being, God is love, He expects no less of us, unconditionally.



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