Quick and to the point!

April 6, 2013 How many times must I tell you to go?
I get so many calls daily as well as mail that I wonder when I will get to the last person that tells me off in many different ways. Don’t get me wrong as I also get just as many likes and good job also. But, the bad is what is always remembered and then someone hits a nerve and I need to respond. Well, really mdon’t need to respond, but the newspaper blood running in my veins just won’t let me keep it inside. Besides even my personal doctor that is to keep me alive for however long that is, told me to say what is on my mind. That way it lowers my blood pressure. Tell people what you think and don’t hold back. Ok, ben doing that since I no longer have to say the customer is always RIGHT! Oh, and by the way the customer is not always RIGHT either! Wait, unless it’s me then I am always RIGHT! Great, see I feel better already.
Now, I understand why I am not mature to mind my own business as many family & even friends say. But, if they didn’t tell me their personal problems or tell the world to where it gets back to me. Then I would not have to respond. But, since I am told or even told your no longer welcome to join my social pages by the server and not by that family member. Then I have to say what is being hidden. As I said it matters not who it is if I want to know, I will know. Then everyone else will also know. I call everyone in my family as I see it as well back up with photos if able or even their words to show what set me off. But, latly I became to think is their a reason behind what is going on. Yup, sure enough there is and maybe this little short video will tell you exactly what and how I feel about you. Listen to the very short video and please listen closely as I am sure this will get what I have been saying to you all the time. Thanks family and friends and fuck all of you while I’m at it. John Lewis Sr.
How many times do you have to repeat yourself when you do not like the idea, or do not like what some dip-shit fuck says ?
Let Me Say It One More Time, If I Don’t Like What You Said Then Look At This Video To Make You Happy:



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