April 5, 2013 Computer tricks and more!

‎Friday, ‎April ‎05, ‎2013 old man’s computer fun!
I thank everyone for asking for idea’s as to this and that. Photo’s can be obtained from any jail around the country that has internet service. Many jails allow downloading all the information you want on accused criminals. Many jails also allow just information without photos. I don’t like posting information with out the photos as it could be almost anyone with the same name and charges. Sorry to those that felt I was only choosing certain areas or because I am just a mean old bastard. The last I agree with by the way! many members in my own family can’t wait ill I mve on. But, sorry to say I have an excellent doctor and his job is to keep me alive as long as possible.
Now want to see how much information is on the internet about you? the best and easier way is to use any search engine you like then other search engines for even more information. For example use first name then space or a comma whatever you prefer and place in last name then space or comma then any zip code you ever lived. Can’t remember the zip then the city comma and state and press enter. You will be shocked as to all the information there is on you!
I did this with hundreds of people and shocked many of them and was even told I can’t do that. Sorry to piss everyone off but I can do that as well as post the information if I like or even don’t like you. This is why it’s good to use a fake name as well as any cell phone and make up hundreds of names for social sites such as face book, my space and others. mAs amny know I have shown by my posts of using a different name from time to time just to keep even those tracking me busy or wondering what exactly i am doing. You would be surprised how many visitors I get from time to time with suits and ties wanting answers. One day there not going to take NO for an answer as soon as majority police units meaning city, county and state are all trained under home land security they will all become one force and all run by homeland security. The police as well as the sheriff’s departments have already been trained months ago. Still many more counties and cities to go. Once completed then there no longer state run but federal run. Getting my drift as to what is happening yet? If not then your in for a really big shock! I have done all that I can to warn you as well as many others and many other already lone wolves fighting as I am speaking to you now. Of course there will be considered crimes depending on if and what there caught at. Rest assure the real americans have nothing to loose to fight this corrupt system.
At this time everyone is getting tax returns with large sums of money and have no concern. As soon as this April 15th bullshit is over and done with then comes the real problems for those of you sucking off the tit’s of the federal government. After all there is not going to be another four years for any election from what I see. Your 401ks will be turned over to the fereral government and they will promise you a return for when your old enough to retire. Soon also paper funny money will also be useless. You will reguster not only guns but also gold and silver for collection later on. This also done durning WW2 in case you didn’t know it.
Continue to lay at home play silly games and listen to boom box music and watch television as soon all that will be gone because you didn’t care.


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