The town of Olivehurst California is not Plumas Lake! April 4, 2013

April 4, 2013 Olivehurst or is it Plumas Lake, bulls bar. Well call it what you want!
The Old Man replies to an e-mail placed to a family member
on face book…Olivehurst oakies from th south?

Rafael Perez (friends with Melissa Campbell) also commented on Melissa Campbell’s status.
Rafael wrote: “Check this out, I’m born and raised in O-town, I’ll call it what I want. It’s actually bulls bar. That is the original name. Research it”
My facts looked up as love doing it, even when I already know the facts. Also proud of Olivehurst!
Olivehurst was first largely settled by people from the Midwest during the Great Depression who were looking for fertile land, availability of jobs, and a better future. People from the town have been known to refer to this group of people as Okies. “Okies” is a term originally for those from Oklahoma who were escaping the “dust bowl” Oklahoma had become during the “great Depression” which is why some of the streets are named after cities in Oklahoma. Reading the works of Steinbeck like : The harvest Gypsies, Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men can give you a feel for the time period. These Okies were following migrant workers such as those of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Mexican, and Native American background.

The economy has been largely focused on agriculture, but since the 1950s jobs have been increasingly focused on mill and manufacturing work. Today’s economy is centered around a “commuter economy” where many of the residents work outside of the town.
Infact the first post office opened in 1941, and was located next to the drug store. Across the street from where the Post Office now sits. Dukes diner, has stayed at his location now longer than any of the other locations that his family has ever stayed. Dukes is great food by the way, as can remember when he moved from the corner of E street and 3rd then out to Linda and back and finally settled in what and where I use to buy tires for my car, trucks from. The place use to recap tires. As can see I go back a long time also. Lindhurst was not even build, as everyone went to marysville High Shool.
Ah the memories of Olivehurst and the people just great after all fom the deep south as many such as I returned to the deep south because we seen housing markets ready to go bust as well as many sounther places fught the Federal government with anything we don’t like. There is a lot we don’t like about the fed’s but that is a seperate story in it self. Lately this fly by nite homeland security has ben invading everything they can acting like I suppose easy way to say like the Germans did. But, we will overcome as they always say.
There is an infrastructure here, Olivehurst(Plumas Lake) have a Sheriff sub-station, and a Fire Department centrally located. The response time for the Sheriff is very fast. Oliehurst/Plumas have there own school district with all new schools, new parks, and it’s still growing. I would agree that Olivehurst is not a place I would live, but the zip code says I’m in Olivehurst even though I am well south of the McGowan Parkway border. There are plenty of new homes, and great prices due to the current market. I would advise taking a weekend drive through Plumas Lake before making any decision. It’s a growing community with many great people! Please don’t come to Arkansas as it’s a felony to harm any animal or pot even! Use to be great dry area. Meaning no beer liquor stores for years. Then last year the people voted for the devils brew and now all the stores have all those evil spirits. Now, drugies as well as drive by shooting just beginning. Use to be if trouble, then shoot em and bury them. Now with new buildings going up, the old lost or disappeared ones are being located. Yup, things were so much easier in the good old days. Oh well I also remember Loma Rica just as quiet and out of the way then pushed from there with all the building and now also becoming a big city. Too old to make any more moves now. But, even if had to, no where to go any longer with the end so close for us all. But, love the e-mail as does get me to thinking of all the places I have traveled and gone. Yup. think I would go back to Newfoundland as still some places not settled but then again, I’ll stay here as still in the county and still six miles on all directions to reach any business area and large group of people.


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