Message from Aaf in Rogers, Arkansas to me . Waiting for call now?

 Image     Rogers
Would you like a free weekly payment towards your account? call (479) 986-9800 and ask how.

How? Just as easy here instead of listening to a line of BS. After all, you don’t pay for oil changes unless we come into the office and show paper work. You don’t give nothing unless taking much more from us that were screwed by your lie’s. Just because I am almost paid off plus two months ahead even. In re time if came in to do this and that the van is paid off. But, it’s not the money with me if you think back very first time I bought from you. Trust is what I believe in and you lost that trust with this van that has costed me thousands to fix up ! You call my cell phone with BS and now here you are offering me a last payment deal. Why because you received my $330.00 payment today? Yup, that is the reason see it here. Sorry but no need to call you as there is nothing that you can offer that could be honest with you people. After all I have been in contact with so many people and watched you out and out treat people with disrespect over the years and you never knew I was around. Call me 479-372-5147 if your going to be honest and have a great deal! But, as I said I keep all paper work and with all that I have I am sure if needed to use this, Any judge would have given me this van because of all the lie’s. Be careful by placing this on face book others around the world can see what your saying. Plus I am never short of words when it comes to scum dealers like yours! This is directed to the partners and owners not the sales people as already know you treat them like shit! Have a great day. Shhh be quiet as you don’t want to get me started. I will win! That’s a promise and a sure thing! Shhh n more crap like this. Ok? John Lewis


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